Starcraft 2 is an extremely competitive real time strategy game that involves factors of strategy and thinking particularly strong decision making as well as unit control. Starcraft 2’s popularity has blossomed particularly in the country of South Korea, where it has become a so called e-sport and has drawn crowds of thousands. Lately it has spread across the world and is known as the center piece at the premiere tournament series in the United States (MLG) and has also been popular in Europe with several $10,000+ prize pool tournaments hosted.

Terran is one of the three main races in Starcraft 2. Boasting several distinct style of play including mech, biomech, and bio, Terran is known for its versatility and mobility. Several legends of the original Brood War has choose this race including oGsNada, the most accomplished player in Starcraft history, as well as SlayersBoxer, the most famous Starcraft player who is an icon in the e-sports community. Other players such as IMMvp, two time GSL winner, Jinro the popular terran player from Sweden, as well as Thorzain, the winner of TSL3. However the question is who is the best Terran player in the world? Possible candidates include..

IMMvp- IMMvp is the logical choice as he has 2 GSL championships under his belt, the most prestigious Starcraft 2 tournament in the world. Known for his incredible timing attacks he is the most popular choice for the best terran player in the world

MarineKing- Known originally as Foxer, MarineKing is known for his incredible marine micro as well achieving amazing results in tournaments despite his young age. He has reached the GSL finals 3 times yet has not managed to the coveted GSL title yet. His notorious rival is none other than IMMvp, who beat him twice in the GSL finals.

Thorzain- Thorzain can also stake a claim in being the world’s best terran player mainly from his win in the TSL 3. A relative unknown in the tournament, not only did he comeback vs finalist Naniwa, but on the way he defeated Fruitdealer (A GSL winner), MC (Two time GSL winner), and Liquid Tyler (previous TSL winner) going through the hardest path in the tournament to claim the impressive prize of $15,000 dollars. He went through the grueling open bracket at MLG Columbus to claim 9th place, the highest of any to go through the bracket. While Thorzain has obviously proven that he can be an exceptional player, much will rest on his results in the GSL August Code A.

Jinro- Jinro is one of the members of the prestigious Team Liquid. Known for his micro and exceptionally safe playstyle, he is known for the foreigner who has reached the farthest in a GSL tournament. He is the only foreigner who has reached the semi finals in any GSL and has done it twice including a third place finish GSL January. He also achieved first place in MLG Dallas beating off TT1 to secure his first MLG victory.