Two Top Tier Insulated Coffee Machines

Electrical coffee brewers and French Presses are fine for folks who just want a cup of coffee in the morning. However, coffee aficionados who need an ongoing jolt throughout the day deserve better. Fortunately, the best thermal coffee makers are here to serve up delicious black caffeine in a cup with loads of high tech features and insulated carafes.

Unlike regular coffee pots, which are made from glass, thermal machines drip coffee into a thick metallic carafe that keeps coffee hot for many hours. Thanks to their rising popularity, these electric brewers have become cheaper and more widespread over the last few years. It's no surprise to see every major coffee maker manufacturer breaking into this market.

More names in thermal coffee making can muddy the field for consumers who hope to research them before buying. Fortunately, there are two stand out candidates who excel at creating thermal brewers. Here's why you should look to Melitta and Cuisinart as top contenders.

Ten Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer by Melitta

Melitta's thermal coffee maker is just the prescription for balancing all of the automated features carried by high tech machines with quality insulation. This brewer is programmable, embedded with smart technology to prevent drips when the carafe is off its plate, and it automatically shuts itself off. Despite putting the industry wide advancements in their controls, Melitta has opted for a simple interface.

The machine comes with three clear cut settings for making your coffee: regular, bold, and robust. The technology mainly functions by determining what temperature to heat the water up to. Hotter water is better at drawing out coffee's natural flavors and oils. Just by measuring your grounds and water in the right proportions and cranking it up to robust, the machine yields a rich pot of extra strength coffee sure to keep you hopping all day.

With its automated shut off and sturdy steel carafe for keeping your beverage warm, Melitta has produced a unit that may even save electrical power. The Ten Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer is a true champion for connoisseurs everywhere.

Programmable Automatic Brew and Serve Thermal Coffee Maker by Cuisinart

The twelve cup Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker by Cuisinart is a clear runner up to Melitta's machine. This brewer comes with many of the same programmable features, and packs an even heftier thermal carafe. Cuisinart's large pot is made with double walled insulation, and it's outfitted with a special pouring lid for easy serving.

This machine's flexible automatic start and stop features have a slight learning curve, but they are well worth the effort to figure out for coffee drinkers on the go. This model lacks the simplicity of the Melitta coffee maker's settings, but it can produce and store more piping hot coffee with its large carafe, making it one the best thermal coffee makers on the market. Don't write off this Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker by Cuisinart while you're shopping.

Whether you routinely drink Eight O Clock Coffee or deluxe monkey picked brews from exotic places, the best thermal coffee makers are guaranteed to deliver. With these two machines by Cuisinart and Melitta, even a total coffee fiend can make one pot in the morning and be set for the rest of the day.

Melitta 10 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker
Cuisinart Programmable Automatic 12 Cup Brew and Serve Thermal Coffee Maker