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Every woman wants to look like Hollywood star girl who usually have lean body, with sculpted arms, stable shoulders and long, beautiful and toned lags making them look gorgeous easily and elegantly in any kind of clothing.

But most of them take this concept wrongly as they tend to do workouts that may help them in making strong muscles leaving their real dreams of having a good looking and healthy body. Though exercises are necessary to tone up your body but right exercises are to be done to make their dreams come true. Their dreams can be fulfilled easily if several thigh exercises for women are done consistently for some time.

Using Inner Thigh Exercises to Achieve a Strong Physique.

In fact women who do inner thigh exercises not only provide them strong physique with sexy looks but also develop your metabolism, reduce stress and the level of estrogens in their body. These cardiovascular exercises for women also help them in losing weight, toning the legs and highs and keeping the heart healthy.

Weight training is essential part of Thigh exercises women which are normally more popular among men, but women can make considerable difference in their appearance and health if they carry on basic weight training to tone up their whole body along with marvelous and sexy thighs.

Toning Your Leg and Thigh Muscles is Vital.

Legs are the most important part of human body which balance and support the whole of their body and for that purpose they must be strong and flexibly usable. Thigh exercises women help them in making their legs and thigh strong and beautiful through a number of postures and activities. 

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Some of the most popular and effective thigh toning exercises for women are:

1] The flamingo balance: Stand straight with left hand on your hip and a dumbbell in your right hand. Lift your left foot up to hip height while leaning forward slightly. Curl your biceps while turning your palm ceiling facing. Move your stretched foot up and down several times keeping the leg straight. Switch to other side similarly and repeat for at least 10 times.

2] Squatting with ball: You can squat easily by placing the exercise ball between your lower back and wall. Stand with your straight shoulders put the ball between you and wall and bend the knees lowering your body 8-10 inches keeping your back and shoulders straight. Come back after staying the same pose for at least 3-5 seconds. Repeat for a few similar squats with ball.


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Try These Thigh Exercises Too.

1] Circles with single leg: In this thigh exercise women you have to lie down on your back on a mat with your arms on sides with down facing palms. Now lift either of the feet to draw a circle on the ceiling by rotating the leg clockwise or anti-clockwise keeping your hips on the floor. Repeat the process alternatively with both the legs at least for 8-10 times daily.

2] Plyometric Squat: Stand straight on ground with wide spread shoulders. Squat with bent knees up to 90 degree then come up. Repeat the process several times to make your thigh muscles strong.

3] Toe Squat reaching overhead: Standing in a chair pose engaging your abs with ankles and knees touching each other and dumbbells in your hand over the head. Then come up not more than 4 inches on your feet's balls keeping your lower legs straight. Repeat the process 8-10 times.

The Last 2 Thigh Exercises to Try.

1] Lunging with dumbbells: Hold 5-8 pounds dumbbells in your both hands while standing straight with your feet hip wide apart. Now lunge your left leg keeping the right knee at least one inch above the ground without touching it. Your torso should remain perpendicularly straight to the ground dividing your body weight equally on your feet. Repeat the process by switching the sides for at least 30 minutes.

2] Pick-Up Squat: Stand straight with dumbbells in your hands on both sides. Now bed your knees to 90 degree keeping your back straight to put the dumbbell down beside your feet. Then stand up to squat again to pick up dumbbells. Repeat similarly several times daily.

Thus, these and several other thigh exercises for women can help you strengthening and toning up your thighs.