Placing your child in their first booster seat is a time for celebration. You've survived the infant stage and your little one is becoming a person you can now make trips to the store with and not have to lug a huge bag full of supplies along on your journey.

To find the best toddler booster seats you need to evaluate what will work best for the amount of travel you'll be utilizing the seat for and which one your toddler will be most comfortable in.

The common misconception is that once a child is of a certain age they can transfer into traveling in a booster seat, but this is not the case.

In many cities the child must be at least twenty pounds to have outgrown their car seat. They should be in the booster seat until they reach four feet and nine inches tall, according to most laws and car seat manufacturers.

Some parents feel that's a bit of a stretch considering some children may not even reach that height until they are nine or ten years old, but this is for the safety of your child and in most states in the US you will receive a traffic citation if your child isn't in the proper car seat.

The best toddler booster seats do not have to cost an arm and leg as many have reasonable prices for a quality made seat. The ones are full size obviously cost a bit more, but they come equip with the full back and commonly have the ability to hold a child weighing up to sixty five pounds.

The alternative to the full size boosters are the half size seats that are just the base to aide in making the child sit up higher.

Prices can start around twenty dollars and go to over a hundred dollars depending on the brand, style and features of the seat.

The top boosters that are available currently are: the Graco Nautalis 3-in-1 seat, the Recaro Vivo seat and the Combi Dakota booster.

The Graco model as well as the Recaro model are both full size seats and the Combi is the base style.

Features of the Graco model are that it coverts from the full size seat into the backless one, it bodes foam cushions for additional comfort and can hold up to 100lbs.

The Recaro model has an aluminum frame and can protect the child from side impact in an accident which similar seats cannot withstand.

The Combi version is affordable at thirty five dollars and it's comfortable for taller and older children to sit in for long trips.

Certainly purchasing one of the best toddler booster seats is a purchase you feel good about knowing you've done the research and not just selected one at random.

Your child's safety is imperative and no matter which seat you buy you must read the instructions, assemble it correctly, fasten to your car correctly and ensure that your little one is in the seat until they've reached the height and weight requirements to sit on their own.