When it comes to keeping your toddler safe, sometimes just holding Mom or Dad’s hand isn’t enough. Toddlers are prone to dropping your hand and running off the minute that your back is turned.

One second they’re right there next to you, and the next they’re hiding in a rack of clothes or dashing across the store. In order to keep their toddlers nearby many parents have chosen to use toddler safety harnesses.

These come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges but their main purpose is to keep toddlers close even when you can’t keep a close eye on them. When you are searching for toddler safety harnesses you will want to look for harnesses that are sturdy, secure, and that are easy to put on your child.

Some of the most well known toddler safety harnesses are the Jeep Backpack Harnesses. These are the ones that come shaped like a stuffed animal backpack. They cost only $12, and the stuffed animal makes them extremely child friendly.

The Jeep Backpack harnesses come shaped as a variety of stuffed animals such as a horse, dog, or bear. They work as a chest or backpack harness or as a simple wrist strap. The backpack straps are adjustable enough to fit a wide range of toddlers securely and many children learn to enjoy or at least tolerate wearing these backpack harnesses.

Another of the more common toddler safety harnesses are the SafeFit Backpacks with Harness. These cost $18 and give your child the responsibility of carrying a few of their favorite things along in the backpack.

This backpack harness is large enough to carry a small snack, a book, or a sippy cup. This backpack harness is very comfortable for children to wear and secure enough to keep them safe. It is durable and will last a long time.

In addition, with this backpack the “leash” clips to the bottom of the pack rather than the top to avoid the possibility of choking or strangulation. If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of child safety harnesses, then the Gripsters Stay Along provides a kid-friendly alternative for only $17.50.

The Gripsterz Stay Along is a walking rope with a handle that the child holds onto in order to stay nearby. This may not work in crowded areas or if you have a child who is determined to escape, but it can be an excellent way to teach children to stay nearby.

For parents looking for the simplest possible child safety harness, the Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper would be the one. At only $9 it is affordable and will keep your child close to you in crowded areas.

The harness goes over the child’s shoulders and torso while avoiding the stomach area. It can also be used to keep children secure in grocery carts, high chairs, or other seats. The Mommy’s Helper Kid Keeper is durable and comfortable for your child to wear.

It adjusts to fit a wide range of children and is machine washable and easy to care for. Overall, any of these child safety harnesses will help to keep your child nearby in crowded areas where they may want to escape.