With all the advertisements on television, radio and in magazines... how is a person ever to determine which tooth whitener system is the best for him? We are constantly bombarded with advertisements from manufacturers who want us all to believe that their product is the best. But there can be only one that's best. If they were all perfect, it wouldn't matter which one you bought, right? The whole problem seems to be the fact that most teeth whitening systems are fairly costly. Most people can afford to buy one or two per year, but if you were to try all hundreds of them, you'd end up in the poor house pretty quickly!

The Best Tooth Whitener

So which ones are the best tooth whitener products? The answer is not so simple, I'm afraid. It's a very personal matter. You're going to have to inform yourself upfront and then decide which product, method, treatment or system is the best for you, personally. I'm not saying you should try them all, because that would cost too much of your time and money. One option that you have at your disposal, is to try one of the free trials that are offered today by so many manufacturers. The problem with free trials is that they are only trials that will only last you a day or two. But in order to accomplish a significant amount of whitening, you would need to use a product for at least a week or maybe even two.

The downside of accepting free trials is that you're going to have to give the tooth whitener manufacturer your address information. And once they get their hands on that, they're not going to let go of you very easily. From some people, you can expect to see a lot of junkmail coming for a very long time, even if you request them to stop sending you their stuff.

The reality of the situation is that you cannot escape having to spend money on this if you are truly interested in getting real results. The most effective way of whitening your teeth will always involve the use of a hydrogen peroxide based gel. Forget about the whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes. They don't have any hydrogen peroxide and are therefore not very effective. Teeth whitening kits are more expensive than toothpastes and mouthwashes, but they usually get the job done. In order to get the best results from any teeth whitening gel, I suggest you have a customised teeth tray made for you personally. This is the most effective way of keeping the hydrogen peroxide gel in place while it is bleaching your teeth. This way, you will most likely get the best results.