Don't we all want to have a great white smile ?

There are many advertisements out there showing celebrities and models with beautiful white teeth, which are envied by many of us. Are we just programmed to believe that whiter teeth are better ? Probably, yes. And this belief has gotten many of us looking for the best tooth whitening products.

However, teeth whitening products are just too plenty in the market for you choose witch one is the best for you.


Of course if finances are not a concern to you, you may opt to visit a dentist for bonding or laser teeth whitening. This could be the best teeth whitener as the process gives you the quickest results due to the amount of chemical used. However, this costly way has no permanent effects and you may have to visit your dentist again to get back that brightening smile.


Some people may choose whitening trays as their best tooth whiteners. Since the 80s, this home teeth whitening product has been introduced and used by many people. The cost is definitely lower than laser teeth whitening. The tray is somewhat a mouth guard which is filled with a peroxide gel and fit onto your upper and lower teeth for several minutes. The home do-it-yourself teeth whitening trays kits are less expensive than those which are made by your dentist, but since they are not custom fit, the gel may not be evenly distributed to get the best result.


Other teeth whitening product are the stripes which are also quite popular. These stripes can give visible results in around a week and they can be quite effective. The only disadvantage is that these stripes are difficult to be placed in the premolar areas making the whitening process in these areas a hard job.


Your best teeth whiteners can be the most affordable option which is the teeth whitening toothpaste. You can buy these toothpastes easily in the grocery stores. Being the most economical, the down side of this range of product would be the potency. You may be able to remove the stains on the surface of your teeth, but you may not be able to get rid of those stubborn stains deep in the teeth. Also, by using whitening toothpaste, the results can only be visible to you after two weeks.


There are of course a lot more other teeth whitening products available in the market. Your very own best tooth whitening products all depend on your preferences and budget. It can be a difficult to make your choice initially before trying out the various products, but ultimately the important issues are the safety of a tooth whitening product and the results you will get from it.