If you had to choose the best top 3 gift for a computer geek what will make your list?


For a geek I would suggest an Apple ipod touch, so they could get wi-fi anywhere they went. They are also great for downloading tons of songs as well as including excellent applications.I would also suggest an HP laptop, because they are so high quality. I've had my HP laptop for over 2 years and it is still running great. They are ideal for downloading music and then uploading songs to the ipod touch. The third option I would suggest is an Xbox 360, perfect for the nerdy gamer type. There are tons of games such as Halo Reach, affording the nerdy gamer type lots of time to his or her gaming addiction. - Orlando

For a geek, I would purchase a lifesize Superman poster. That way, they can pin it up and pretend that they are a part of the super hero world. Next, I would buy a new iPad. Who doesn't love an iPad? They're useful and customizable with apps, so a good gift for everyone. Finally, I would buy a microscope set. Every good geek needs a microscope to use for experiments or just satisfy everyday curiosity. - Goergia


For a geek I would buy a solid pair of headphones for listening to their music at their computer. A moderate priced $100 pair of Grado Prestige SR-80 or if I really like them a $200 pair of the Grado SR 225i. For a geek I would buy a Dell Ultrasharp IPS Monitor. Perfect for the artist or gamer. Beautiful rich colors that pop and no degradation of image quality depending on angle you view the monitor from. For a geek I would buy an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for their computer. Its a backup battery power source for their computer should the power go out. It has the added benefit of filtering and stabilizing the power in case there are power surges or just a general instability in the power where they live. Its one of those things thats very useful, provides a sort of insurance against losing data or damaging hard drives from sudden power loss and that everyone should own but is on the botton of the list of things they would buy for themselves since they never expect to lose power. - Winetka, California


First you would get them a IPad3 64 gb and a gumdrop denfense case to protect it. Next you would give them a gift card to Itunes for 100 dollars. After that you would get them their own tablet probably and IBM and next but last you would give them 300 dollars to test new software that they have wanted to get but were to cheap to buy it. I add the 4th gift just because that the one I would like to have also. If I had to pick the color of my gumdrop case it would be pink and white. Women geeks love it! - San Francisco


An iPad2 worth $399, an iPad watch $199 and 3-6 computer screen bracket $199.  For a geek these would be the three best choices as gifts. The ipad2 device is the latest and most innovated of tablets on the market. The up and coming ipad watch will be the envy of any technology guru and fan for the next year. A geek cannot be a geek without a computer, and having only one or even two screens is limiting the abilities of most professional geeks. The brackets that hold at least three to as many as six screens are the definition of geek. The use of multiple screens has allowed most people to get more done. For technology and computer people the two screen system is limiting, most hardcore computer junkees will have six screens to keep relevant information at view and accessible when needed. - Peoria, Arizona


For a geek, one great gift idea is an external hard drive. A computer no doubt spends a lot of time at his or her computer, and very likely stores a lot of material relating to their interests on it. With additional memory, he or she can save and keep more of what makes them happy. Another good gift would be a flash drive. Similar in function, the difference is that a flash drive is easily transportable and allows them to take their interests with them anywhere they go. Finally, the very best gift idea for a geek (or anyone really) is either cash or a widely accepted gift card. With these, the geek you care about can choose for themselves the gift they most want or need. - Brooklyn, New York


Top1: Alienware laptop from Dell. Computer geeks always want their system to be a high end one since they want to live to their name as "geeks". And they are always trying their best to be ahead of anyone they know. Top2: Game console. Although they already have a computer or laptop at their disposal for games, Geeks often want to experience anything that technology wants to offer. There are some popular games that are not available to play on a computer. Top3: A handheld game console. Sometimes these Geeks go out, even though they would always bring a laptop they require additional gadgets to occupy their time. - Boston


For a geek, and as a fellow geek, there are a few devices I know any geek would love. First off, a 2 terra-byte external hard drive, though excessive, is a must. There is probably a lot of downloaded programs and devices running on your computer that take up memory, and therefore, an external hard drive in the terra-byte range is necessary. Secondly, any geek should have some kind of console video game, be it an Xbox, a Playstation, or a Nintendo, or even a PC. Finally, any geek should have some kind of smart phone, because these new phones are the pinnacle of phone technology at the moment and have redefined how we use our phones. - San Jose, California