Best Top 3 Laptops with Solid State Drives

Can you remember when your hard disk died on you and you lost all your data? You tried shaking the heck out of the laptop in a frantic effort to see if you can resurrect your hard disk and save the report you have been working on for so long. You pressed the F1 and F8 buttons like a love crazed teenager because someone recommended that on some dodgy tech site. You finally accepted your loss and moved on. For reasons like this, a lot of manufacturers are now trying to entice buyers with their state of the art solid state hard disk. Here are the top 3 laptops with solid state drives worth looking into.

Asus Zenbook UX21E-DH71

This is an interesting offer from Asus the company that is often associated with slick light weight computer. You would expect to get an almighty 1Terabyte of hard disk space for this $1,100 ultra book. Don’t forget that is an SSD aka Solid State Disk. You will only get 128GB of disk storage. That is rather limited but you are no longer in the realm of your conventional hard disk. This is like complaining that your fancy sport car doesn’t hold enough shopping like your standard family car. The Asuz Zenbook comes with a 1.8GHz of Intel i7 processor and 4GB of RAM.  You also get the normal wide screen but don’t expect your movie experience to be compared to going to the cinema. You only get 2 USB slots which is sort of alright but 4 will be better. The tablet seems to have been designed for those who want a tiny device that is a little better than your average tablet touch screens appliances. If you are hungry for more storage and you are willing to pay about $300 more, you will be better off choosing the Asus Zenbook UX31E-DH72 which offers a 256GB of SSD and a slightly wider 13.3” screen

Apple MacBook Air

There are many reasons why you will want to buy this computer. One of the main reasons is that you think eating an Apple is the epitome of Cool! Second, you want to be unique and different from your peers. That said, this solid state disk laptop from Apple is not the most expensive out there. It comes with a generous 256GB disk, 4GB of RAM and an Intel 1.7GHz processor. It runs on the Mac Os which shouldn’t be a surprise. The design is neat as you would expect from anything coming from a fruit company. You can purchase yours for as little as $1,300. It is lightweight and comes with nice graphics card. By the way, those who like trendiness but with a penchant for Microsoft Windows can still purchase this software and install VMFusion to create a windows partition. That is the ultimate sacrilege as true fans of Apple are concerned but  you’ve got to do what you’ve to do.

Acer Aspire S3-951-6432

This Acer Aspire is streamlined and worth its value in pixel. What does that really mean?  It means you will be getting a laptop with 240GB of solid state hard disk, Intel 1.7GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and all running on a Microsoft Window 7 operating system. For all the goodies you get with this computer, you get to pay $1,300. That is what you should expect from most top laptop within this price range.


When you are looking into computer laptops that are best value for money, you need to look for the most important things.

Reason: If you know exactly what you will be doing with your laptop, it will be easy to purchase one that best fits you needs. A lot of people don’t have a clue what they are looking for

Money: This is very important for those on a budget, but, you get what you pay for. Gaming laptop computers are often more expensive because they offer better performance. At times, you will be better off buying a refurbished high performance laptop than investing in a new one.

RAM: On modern laptops, you should aim for a minimum of 4GB. The more RAM you get, the better performance you will get from your laptop

Hard Disk: Solid state disks are the new craze and marketing gimmick for most manufacturers. If you don’t care and you just want a lot of space, you can stick to your traditional magnetic disk.

Processor: Don’t worry too much about the competition between Intel and AMD. What you should worry about is the speed and the internal memory of the processor. The more GHz you can get on the processor, the faster your laptop will run.

Battery Life: This is an option that is often overlooked. If you don’t use your Wi-Fi connection often, your battery will last longer. By the way, when your battery starts to age, it starts to behave like an old man who can’t keep it up for long.

Weight: If you are very mobile with your laptop, choosing a slick one that weight very little is good for your back and shoulder.

Screen Width: The wider the screen the better. You want a computer that can also be used to watch Youtube videos when you need intellectual stimulus.