It can be hard to choose the best insurance coverage for your family. If you have to choose the best top 5 insurances, which ones will make your list?


The best types of insurance that my family needs to have include the following: 1) Health insurance. Health insurance is very expensive and as a result many families cannot afford to buy it. I feel that insurance should not cost more than 10% of a family's take-home pay. 2) Dental insurance. Good dental hygiene is important as it can prevent many other types of disease and illness. I don't believe that dental insurance should cost any more than $50/month. 3) Auto insurance. Unexpected events often come up in life when it comes to driving. Families need to protect themselves by carrying liability coverage for their vehicles. This should cost no more than $40/month per car covered. 4) Home-owners/rental insurance. Unexpected events may also occur in a place of residence including theft, fire, or acts of God. This kind of insurance should cost no more than $25/month. 5) Life insurance. The average funeral today can put a family into dire straights. Life insurance can help to cover some of the costs of a funeral to take the burden off of a family. This kind of coverage should cost no more than $50/month. - Detroit

Health Insurance should be only around $300 a month for Family Coverage and should include doctor's visits, pharmacy, emergency room and hospitalization. The deductible should be manageable around the $1000 range with small or no copays for your primary care visits, $125 to go to any emergency and waived if admitted. Hospitalization should have a copay of around $200 per admission. These are basic figures and might encourage more people to stay healthy and perhaps stay out of the emergency room unless you have a true emergency. Life Insurance is essential for everyone because we all will die eventually and you shouldn't put the burden on your loved ones to bury or cremate you. Family coverage should be a given because your children need to be covered until they can make their own arrangements. After paying about $20 a month for Family Coverage every year the insurance company will have received more than enough money to pay out your policy. Car Insurance is also very important. Most of us do not have enough savings to cover accidents, get our cars fixed and pay for any damages to persons and property. A premium of $50 a month for Comprehensive Coverage is more than adequate to cover those "just in cast" scenarios. Home/Renters Insurance is another of those plans that everyone should have. The whole idea of insurance is for those unforeseen things that happen in life. Covering your home and belongings should be a priority for all of us. But the insurance companies should not be greedy either. Yes, they will receive premiums for years with little to no claims but when the plan is needed to cover damages by golly you need to pay out and keep on providing service to your customers. And I believe a $75 a month premium is more than enough. Finally, the last important insurance that everyone should have is Disability Insurance. Some of us are lucky enough to have that insurance through an employer but most people do not. We all need to be prepared for the eventuality of a disabled bread-winner. Those premiums should only be about $20 a month. - Los Angeles


The best insurances would have to begin with life insurance and that would cost a person my age $85.00 a month as quoted by American Family for $100,000 policy. Homeowners insurance is figured in with the house payment but it is about $125.00 a month. Dependent life runs me $35.00 a month. Auto insurance is $110.00 monthly. If I were to take a trip I would most assuredly buy travel insurance especially if by plane but this would also apply to any mode of travel. I believe all of these types of insurances are necessary purchases for life in today's world. People who do not have these types of insurances can expect to lose a lot more than they pay for these services. Perhaps we don't want to think of ever needing these services but we need to have them just in case. - New York


The best in my opinion is car insurance, due to the fact that is it the law to have it. I think that it should cost around $50 a month. A close second is medical insurance, because there is always the chance that you will get sick, and medical bills are expensive. I think medical insurance should cost around $100 a month. Also you need home owners insurance, or renters insurance depending on whether you own or rent. This should cost around $75 a month. Fire insurance is also important, but it should only cost around $20 a month, due to fires being a rare thing. Flood insurance should also be purchased, and it should also cost around $20 a month. - Texas


The best five insurances that I could have for my family, are medical, dental, eye, auto, and life. I would say that medical is the most important for family because if someone gets seriously sick it can be very costly. Medical insurance for family should run about $150 a month. The next would be auto insurance and it should run around $100 a month for full coverage. We have live insurance would should be no more than $30 a month. Eye insurance should cost about $10 a month and dental insurance should be no more than $30 a month. As a whole, these 5 insurances should run around $320 a month. - Ohio



The best 5 insurances you should have are health insurance because 1 major illness could be catastrophic for your family's finances and should cost no more than $350 per month. The next most important insurance you should have is homeowner's insurance. It will help with paying for damages to your home in the case of fire, storm, or robbery. This should cost $2500 per year. If you live in Louisiana as I do, you must also have Flood Insurance. Flooding is a regular occurence here and should cost no more than $300 per year. To protect your family in the event you die, you should have life insurance which should cost you no more than $25 per month. Finally you must have car insurance which in shouldn't cost any more than $300 per month. This insurance will help you pay for damages to your car and bodily injury in the event of an auto accident. - Memphis