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Best Top Sewing Machines Under $99

You have always wanted to learn how to sew but you don't know where to start. You have been thinking of buying a sewing machine but don't understand how it works. How do you find the best sewing machines under $100? The list below is a guide to help you choose great sewing machines under $100.

Best top sewing machine under $99, The Brother XL-2600l

The Brother XL-2600l is a compact sewing machine that combines good performance with elegant style. The Brother sewing machine is easy to use and has a reverse button to neatly close your stitches. The needle threader is placed to allow ease of you. You get up to 26 different stitches with the Brother XL-2600l sewing machine. You can use the zigzag stitches to lock lose ends without the need for an over locker. You will also get some accessories to the Brother sewing machine, like screwdriver, bobbins, needles, etc. You can get the Brother sewing machine for about $80.

Best top sewing machine under $99, The Singer Simple 23-Stiches 2263

Singer has a long history of making sewing machine. The little cute Singer 2263 sewing machines with blue trimmings is cute to look at. You will get all the same standard tools you get from sewing machines under $100. The Singer sewing machine 2263 is not cheap. You will pay about $99 for this sewing machine. It is probably not the best value for money but you are probably paying for the brand name.

Best top sewing machine under $99, Kenmore mini ultra plus 639s

In the world of sewing machines, Brother and Singer are well known. That is not to say you shouldn't consider anything outside of these brands. The Kenmore mini ultra sewing machine is an entry level for those who just need a little sewing machine to do repair and learn the tricks of the trade. The fact that it is mini means that the Kenmore sewing machine can be easily carried around if you need to. The Kenmore mini ultra sewing machine comes at about 3/4 of standard size of sewing machines. You don't get as many stitches like you get on other brands but you don't need that many in order to be able to use your sewing machine either. The price of the Kenmore is also mini ultra at about $55 to buy.

Best top sewing machine under $99, Janome 2206 6 Stitch

The Janome 2206 comes with only 6 stitches and it is not the cheapest of the lot. You will pay just $98 for this sewing machine. The Janome 2206 does come with an interesting feature. It has a built in thread cutter which is really handy when you are use a sewing machine. The stitches you get with this sewing machine are the standard zigzags, and spaced stitches. It is an entry level sewing machine that will do a great job.

The fact that the above listed sewing machines are under $100 does not mean that they are not worth buying. You need to understand that spending a lot more for a sewing machine that you will not use on a regular basis is probably not worth the money. These sewing machines are great for beginners or for teenagers who want to make their own outfits. You don't even have to be a teenager to make your own dress. You might just need a sewing machine to repair clothes, make cushion covers, etc.

Best top sewing machine under $99 and safety Caution.

You need to make sure the sewing machine is correctly connected to the power outlet and that you are not exceeding the voltage allowed for your sewing machine. Another issue to bear in mind is putting your foot on the pedal whilst threading the needle. You should be careful so as not to run the needle through your finger. Don't place your foot on the pedal when threading.