What is the best torque wrench? Good question the right tools make every job easier and great tools that can hold up to the abuse of everyday use and normal ware and tare make every job better. So finding the best of any tool is what most people try to do of course not paying a fortune for them doesn't hurt either. So if you are looking the best torque wrench in a certain price range you have come to the right spot. This article will review some of the best torque wrenches available from different manufacturers. It will include prices and places that they can be purchased cheap.


Best Snap-On Tools Torque Wrench


The first torque wrench we are going to look at is the Computorq3 Electronic Torque Wrench from CDI a division of Snap-On Tools. Anyone familiar with Snap-On tools will tell you they are first class all the way and CDI torque wrenches are no exception. According to the CDI web site they are the world's largest developer and supplier of torque tools, torque testing, equipment and calibration. So when you purchase on of there torque wrenches you know you are getting the best.

The Computorq3 Electronic Torque Wrench is full of features and is easy to use with its real time digital readout display. To use just adjust the torque units to ft/lbs, in/lbs, Nm, or kg/cm what ever fits your application, set the desired torque and apply force. The wrench tells you when you are getting close to your desired torque, reached your desired torque, or have gone over your desired torque with a series of colored LED lights. The yellow light means you are coming close, the green light means you have reach your target and the red means you have went over. When you have reached your desired torque the display will flash fro ten seconds. It doesn't get much easier than that. Some of the other features of the Computorq3 include a fifteen degree flex ratcheting head, push button socket release, torques both directions and long lasting CR123 lithium batteries. It also comes in three models 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch. Anything else you might want to know can be found on the CDI web site. If you are interested in purchasing the Computorq3 if can be found in auto parts stores like Napa, AutoZone, or Advanced Auto Parts but the cheapest place to find it is online. You can try the sites of the previously mentioned stores but some better places would be eBay and Amazon.com or you can check Nextag.com. Nextag is a price comparison sites that gives you all the best pricing online.You can plan on paying right around three hundred dollars for this tool that might sound like a lot but what do you expect when you buying the best Snap-On torque wrench.


Best Craftsman Torque Wrench


Another producer of great tools is Craftsman and of course they make some top of the line torque wrenches. The best Craftsman torque wrench would have to be the Craftsman Personalized Electronic Torque Wrench. Designed for shade tree mechanics and professionals alike this wrench has a two percent clockwise three percent counterclockwise accuracy. With its LCD screen and colored LED lights, finding your target torque is as easy as watching the colors to change. This torque wrench is very versatile with its three adjustments foot pounds, inch pounds, and ton meters. Besides being an over all great tool to own you can also have your name engraved on it. Personalized tools not only look cool but keep people honest especially if you use your wrench as part of your job. Two hundred dollars or more is what you can expect to pay for Craftsman best torque wrench depending on the size you choose. For more information of this wrench check out the Sears web site.

There are many other manufacturers of torque wrenches including Armstrong Tools, Stanley Proto, and Mac Tools and each has their own best torque wrench. If you have a brand you are loyal to try some of the sites mentioned above like eBay and Nextag to find the cheapest price you can.