Are There Any Completely Free Dating Websites?

Everyone who’s looking for love online wants to find the best totally free dating sites, and for good reason.

No one wants to invest all of their time in a site with little to no return. When it comes to paid online dating sites, most people have a lot invested and expect a lot too. The average person spends nearly $300 dollars a year on a dating site, and most have one or more dating profile spread among a few online dating properties. So no wonder why men and women want to know about the best totally free dating sites. And luckily those sites do exist.

You may know that there are some dating scam sites out there too that position themselves as free and then begin to charge to do certain things such as, instant messaging or charge to respond to an interested person.

These sites lure you in under the impression they are at no additional cost, but then upcharge you on the back end. If a totally free dating site is up front they’ll tell you HOW they make their money and please understand that all dating sites are in business to make money. Most that are of no charge make their money back either in unrelated affiliate sales or they sell advertising.

This article will explore absolutely free dating online services some which are conventional and others which are not so conventional but are still free. In order for anything to work, remember you must be open to something different. To get something you've never had.

Best Totally Free Dating Sites

Oasis Dating Site

The Oasis dating site is absolutely free. And checking around online, many people report that they’ve done well on the site and have met a lot of great people.  Some of the really remarkable free features that members seem to really enjoy is the instant messenger feature, whereby you can chat to any member or friend, see when your friends are online, modify your online status to suit your needs, you’re also able to see when people are typing messages and your also able to send offline messages as well. The messenger service that Oasis uses is regarded as being one of the best in the online industry as it uses XMMP/Jabber technology.

Oasis also utilizes automatic matching. With automatic matching you are matched based on age range, criteria and a lot more. And you are able to see your online matches as soon as you log in with one simple click. For added safety and security, Oasis dating site is fully moderated. Some free online dating services leave you to the wolves. Not Oasis, you can enjoy the fact that this site also has anti-fraud software which identifies and filters out spammers and online scammers.

Ok Cupid

OK Cupid has been regarded as one of the more reputable fully free online dating sites. Started by Harvard math geeks, the site prides itself on matches based on pure math, though not 100% perfect, it dazzles you with some of the formulas and math percentages here. The free dating site stands by the percentages and the matching process as long as you’re honest. This site was also purchased by recently.

This free dating site, like Oasis makes its money with selling ads. There is a VIP upgrade for around $9.99, with a few more bells and whistles, but you can still get a totally free dating online experience with OK Cupid. They’ve also gotten some pretty good press with Yelp as well.

Now for the unconventional, if you want totally free, let’s look at places to go online that can get you a date. Meetup.

Now don’t laugh. But can be a great place to meet people if you have a specific hobby or are new to an area. Just do a search based on your interest. Maybe you’re looking for senior dating, African American dating, Jewish Dating or meeting people who are really athletic. Meetup allows you to meet people for free with interest similar to yours.

Another totally free way to meet people online is through Facebook, especially if you have social and single friends. Typically every single friend has single friends who are social butterflies, who put together parties and or allow you to see some of the events they attend.

If you’re so inclined, join them or RSVP yes to those events that sound interesting. I bet you thought I was going to suggest that you do Facebook dating and browsing. You can do that too, but following social friends and attending events that are open in which they attend, is also a great choice as well. Just make sure the event is open and available for all to go.

So there you have it, its possible to find and use the best totally free dating websites. And luckily they not only exist but a few are highly reputable.f