Top Rated Fans for the Bedroom: What are the Best Tower Fans for Sleeping?

Possibly one of the worst situations in life (especially the more it prolongs) is when you are trying to get to sleep at night but are stuck between it either being i) too warm (& sweaty) to get to sleep or ii) the fan (although cooling you down) being too loud & irritating (and grows increasingly difficult) for you to relax and so that you can calmly drift off to sleep.

However, there are some cooling units out there that have been specially engineered and designed to provide sufficient power to keep you cool, but can operate at whisper quite levels (note: this in turn does make them a bit more expensive, than your standard cooling units though). From these type, we have selected the best tower fans for the bedroom (and thereby also the best tower fans for sleeping) based on i) how well regarded they are (& noise cancelling tech) and ii) their overall quality as actual tower fans.

The Ultra (42") Wind-Fan By Ozeri

Dimensions: 38 x 7.2 x 9.5 inches | Weight: 11 lbs |

For me, this incredibly popular tower fan unit is what I regard as being the complete and best tower fan for the bedroom and for those looking to remain cool & relaxed when trying to get to sleep in warm and humid temperatures. It utilises a unique sound reduction technology to operate on three 'whisper-quiet air flow levels' producing "less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis" (than any other standard fan) due to its specially designed & canted fan blades that act to cancel and isolate sound waves.

Moreover, it comes with a remote control that can alter all the settings (without you having to get out of bed) such as the 3 different air flow speeds, the 90 degree oscillaition point (which can be seen through the 'light sensitve' LED screen - which also features the room temperature display) along with a programmable timer - which you can set different speeds within 1 hour increments over a space of 12 hours.

The Quiet Set (Whole Room) Tower Fan By Honeywell

Dimensions: 32.9 x 11.6 x 7.9 inches | Weight: 10.9 lbs |

Another highly rated tower fan that is perfect for the bedroom - is the 'quiet set' which operates on  8 variable airflow speed settings which produce super low dB noise levels "from super quiet to the 'white noise' setting (hence also being one of the 'best tower fans for white noise'). It also proven to help reduce your bills by approximately 13% when in used in tandem with an air conditioning unit -- so will eventually end up paying for itself. A truly awesome quiet cooling unit - that does exactly what it says on the label: it keeps you cool, but quietly.

Honeywell - QuietSet 8-Speed Whole Room Tower Fan, Black
Amazon Price: $60.28 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 18, 2013)
Dyson AM03 Pedestal FanCredit: -- DysonThe Air Multiplier (Bladeless) AM03 By Dyson
Dimensions: 6.6 x 21.1 x 23.2 inches | Weight: 16.5 lbs |
Although not specifically a tower fan (it is a pedestal air mulitplier fan) the AM03 is very well suited for the bedroom as it produces an ultra smooth and high quality air flow that is perfect for cooling you down & is relaxing -- prepairing you for sleep. Also, as you may know with Dyson fans it operates without visible blades (i.e is bladeless which boasts numerous benefits over traditional bladed fans -- primarily that it is safe for curious children) as it utilises their unique (& highly regarded) Air Multiplier technology. This in turn (along with acoustic dampening engineering) means they produce practically a noiseless air flow which can be controlled precisely (and can be optimised) through its dimmer switch control - i.e it is not the three settings system you get with standard tower fans (both the speed & 80 degree oscialltion can be controlled at its base as well as  through the magnetic remote control).
Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan, Silver
Amazon Price: $449.00 $339.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 18, 2013)

Moreover, through the process of entrainment and inducement -- the AM03 can produce a incredibly powerful & focused air flow if needed amplifying 8.71 gallons of air every second up to 18 times. It is particularly well suited to the bedroom (over other Dyson fans such as the AM02) as its height level can be adjusted - so it can tower over you bed level slightly meaning all the air flow produced is directed at you (along with cooling down the rest of the bedroom). Granted, this fan is pretty darn expensive -- but it is literally 'the' best fan for the bedroom!

Which fan unit will you buy and why? 

Furthermore, if you have any questions, comments or concerns (including any further suggestions &  models) regarding either the overview of the best tower fans for the bedroom and for sleeping or actually about any of the units that have been specifically mentioned in the showcase above -- then please be sure to mention them in the comments section (that you will find below) and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.