How Good is the Graco Totbloc Pack and Play Travel Cot?

As a mother of four children I can't state enough how helpful Travel cots are with little ones around the home. Pack and Plays keep little ones out of the way of family pets and older siblings. My play pen was a saviour when I had to keep a crawling baby away from the floor where his older sister had tiny pieces of lego and doll accessories all over, with out which no doubt my son would have ended up placing something in his mouth. No parent wants their child to choke on small items, yet you can't stop siblings playing either. A play pen is the perfect compromise.

The Graco Pack and Play is unusual in that it does not come in the standard rectangular cot shape but rather a 38 x 38 inch square ( Obviously the inspiration for the name Totbloc). It is the top rated Pack and Play travel cot on the Amazon website which considering the competition is a very high achievement which leaves the  Play pen speaking for itself. That isn't much help in a review of a product so let us take a look at why it is so highly desirable.

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The design on the Totbloc Pack and Play playpen is colorful and intriguing to babies, grabbing their attention with stimulating toys on all four sides of the playpen. Interactive toys mean your baby with not get bored and will be learning whilst you have the advantage of a safe place to place the child whilst you need to keep them in one area safely.

How Easy is the Graco Totbl0ck Pack and Play to Assemble?

The Totblock is a very quick and efficient play pen because it comes in its own carry bag and can be popped up in under a minute flat. Where as some Pack and Play playpens are dodgy on their locking systems, making it take longer than necessary to get everything locked firmly, the Totblock Playard is dependable and customer reviews state how it is 100% accurate on its locking system, making it quick and easy to lock and unlock every single time you wish to pack the playpen away or put it back up.

The benefits of the Graco Totbloc are that it is larger than other playpens, which is better for children who are using the playpen as a play are rather than as a travel cot. Yes that does mean it will take up more space when it is erected but also means that children who are much older can stay inside the play area a bit longer, unlike some other Pack and Plays on the market.

Maintaining the Graco Totbloc Pack and Play

The Totbloc playpen is very easy to keep clean as all surfaces are wipeable, usually a small amount of washing up liquid on a damp cloth with keep it clean and hygienic. A sheet that fits properly is available for the deep and comfortable mattress base, yet customers state that the matress is simply too cute to cover up. Whichever you decide, it is nice to have the choice sometimes.


Why buy the Graco Totbloc Pack and Play?

  • One of the largest Pack and Play cots available, giving more room for a baby to play in.
  • Easy to put up and down with a matter of a couple of shakes and clicks in to place.
  • Colorful toys attached to all sides to keep little one entertained and teach them at the same time.
  • Comfortable mattress with decent padding.
  • Packs down in to an easy to store and light weight carry case, weighing approximately 25 lb.

Why not check out the Graco Totbloc Pack and Play and read previous customer's reviews, you can read over 500 reviews on the Amazon website?


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