The best travel pillows for airplanes, are all going to have several features in common that make them the most popular. Things like size and weight are a couple but this article will dive a little deeper into your comfort while you fly the friendly skies.

If your on a short hop, then your probably not too worried about your pillow but a twelve hour flight can be crippling without the proper head support. Making sure you've taken the time to ensure a comfortable trip is essential.

Travel pillows have come a long way in recent years. Airlines have upgraded the ones they supply. Still having your own tried and tested pillow can be a blessing. Your never assured the one they give you will be right for you. The only way to be sure is to research the features that are important to you and then go out and buy your own travel pillow just for airplanes.

What are the top features?

There are many kinds of pillows that are recommended for air travel. Several of the top manufacturers offer pillows just for this purpose. You'll be looking for certain attributes that are specific to only you.

We all sleep different. Some of us have a tendency to lay the head to the right or left, some will sleep with the neck straight. Different shapes are available such as U shaped, rectangular, round and even comma shaped pillows that will hang over a seat. You'll pick this feature according to your specific preferred position.

Some airplane pillows are inflatable and some are made from foam that can be compressed for packing. How much room your pillow takes up in your carry on bag, can make a big difference. A tighter fit will allow other items to be brought along.

Will the pillow fasten to the seat your in? Can you be sure you'll avoid fighting with a sliding pillow for the whole flight. Many manufacturers have taken this into consideration and added Velcro straps.

New innovations, including temperature concerns have brought to market a cool pillow that will keep you from waking up in a sweat, half way through the trip. If you hate the heat and suffer when the temperature is a little high, this may be a feature you'll want to check out.


Where To Find The Best Travel Pillows For Airplanes

What matters most, is simply comfort. Getting the best travel pillow for airplanes, comes down to adding up all the features that are important to you as an individual and finding just the right product.

Doing this can take a little time. An online search will provide the tool you need to research not only the features you've decided are a must but also give you direction to a supplier that can get you the item quickly.

Price can also be researched with several retailers this way.This will assure you of getting the best deal you can on your Pillow. There's no comfort in overpaying and comfort is the whole reason your shopping for an airplane pillow.

Make your list of features, find the items that offer you what you need. Then research price and get yourself a good flights sleep.