Stainless steel thermos flasks will keep your food hot or cold whichever type of food or drink you choose to place inside for close to twenty four hours. That is a great improvement from those old plastic thermos flasks with the bright colored plastic outside and the flimsy silver glass liners.

I remember them well as we always made a thermos of tea to go with a snack lunch when we went fishing at the Fremantle wharf. It was usually left up to my sister or me to carry it. Mum used to warn us to be careful as they were very fragile and we didn't want it broken as we'd be in trouble and wanted a hot drink to warm us up in the cold wind while waiting to catch those illusive fish.

Well you guessed it; it happened a few times more often when I was carrying it, so mum banned us both from carrying them because, she loved her cuppa too much and replacing them wasn't cheap in those days either.

Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Food Jar, Cranberry
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
This has an unbreakable stainless steel insert and outside cover.
These are great to keep food and drinks cold or hot for between 6-9 hours. The exterior is cool to touch. The serving bowl is insulated and made of stainless steel.

Ideal way to take hot soups or stews to work in the winter months.

The beauty of the stainless steel thermos vacuum flasks these days is they are virtually indestructible. I know this for a fact as we have dropped ours, run over it after leaving it on the bumper bar and then realized what we had done when we heard the thud. Yes it is still working and still keeps our coffee hot for up to twelve hours. This is our daily savior when traveling.  I make the thermos with coffee in the morning which saves us from having to boil the kettle during our trip. Sometimes making a sandwhich or snack to go with it. There is nothing like being prepared.

Mine has the name Thermos stamped on the side of it and I would recommend one of these to anyone.

Be safe when using a hot thermos while traveling

Personal painful experience. It would be very remiss of me if I did not add a word of caution about how hot the liquid stays in a stainless thermos. We always use ours when traveling. I make it before we leave and quite often pour a coffee as we drive. On this particular day I poured the coffee and as the milk slipped I let go of the thermos. It emptied out onto my lap. Yes it was bl..dy hot.  Worst of all I had nylon stockings on and the skin came off with the stockings.  After suffering bad burns, I just want to say always make sure you use one with a handle and never ever let that go. Place the cup in a safe place and pour. Then reseal the thermos otherwise you may suffer from burns like me. Also I add the milk into the thermos now reducing that extra risk.

You can also buy a thermos that pours without actually having to take the lid off, one like this would be safer to use while traveling.

Thermos Vacuum Insulated 25-Ounce Compact Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
This has an easy no drip pour system which you can pour your coffee without removing the stopper. It keeps drinks either hot or cold for several hours. It has a five year warranty against defects. That does not mean running over it. Always wash by hand to keep it looking in good condition.

Stainless Steel Food Thermos 16oz Jar

This stainless steel food jar is great to use when traveling or to take a hot meal or soup to work in the winter. It measures just over four inches wide and nearly six inches high.



The manufacturer states that it is dent-resistant 18/8 stainless steel and covered with a clear coating.

Its wide mouth allows easy for filling and cleaning. It also makes it easy to east straight from the jar. It has a double insulated wall helping to lock in the flavors. It can also be used for cold foods or drinks.

Recommend to hand wash this only.

Thermos Nissan 61 Ounce Stainless Steel Bottle w/ Folding Handle

This thermos comes with a foldable handle plus a detachable shoulder strap which make it easier to carry. The insulation insures that the food will keep hot or cold beverages longer. Its stainless steel cup makes it easy to drink from while traveling or share with a friend. This thermos also has a twist and pour stopper making it safer from spillage. At time of writing it is just under $38.00 on Amzon.

Being stainless steel not only makes them stronger for the traveler or mountaineer but keeps your food and drinks hotter longer. Plus stainless steel in so much easier to clean and remove the tea and coffee stains inside.

There is no need to pay more than fifty dollars for a good stainless steel thermos. In fact you could get one much cheaper than that and you can even buy these second hand at an auction or on eBay as they are very easy to sterilize and could quite often outlive you if you look after it.

Tips on how to clean your stainless steel products

Thermos Model PP1920M, 2 Quart Thermal Beverage Dispenser
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(price as of May 25, 2015)
This thermos is a glass vacuum for hot or cold beverages.
The 360 degree swiveled base which will all you to turn it to pour without lifting the dispenser. Has a secure easy lock and carrying handle. Its metallic finish makes it easy to clean. Holds 1.9 ltr.