If you are after a treadmill for every day use, then you are going to basically want it to offer the overall package (such as being durable, offer a wide range of fitness programs, is very comfortable to run on, has the potential to accommodate to your increasing stamina & fitness levels etc.) as you are going to be spending a fair bit of time with it. The following showcase is a selection of treadmills that pretty much 'tick all the boxes' and have been proven as great treadmills -- so you should more than likely find a very suitable model from the bunch or at the least get a much better grounded idea as to what you are wanting a treadmill to offer you.

The TR1200i Folding Treadmill By LifeSpan Fitness

Starting with my personal favourite -- the TR1200i is a highly regarded & reknown treadmill that offers amazing value for its respective price tag in which has come to receive multiple awards (e.g. Treadmill Doctor "Best Buy", Head of the Class - Best Treadmill Under $1000 and many more). With a 2.5 HP motor it offers a speed range from 0.5 to 11 mph with an adjustable incline level of 15 levels (a % respective to each level), that can comfortably support a user weight capacity of up to 300 lbs (through its biomechanical suspension with 6 fitted elastomers to provide a cushioning effect - to reduce the impact felt on joints).

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill
Amazon Price: $1,499.99 $899.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 19, 2015)

Moreover, the centre piece of the treadmill is its LCD control panel which has a clear navigation system that reads all your relevant diagnostics whilst you are working out (as well as a summary for once you are finished) as well as allowing you to select from a range of fitness programs that have been designed by leading fitness experts. It is also offers a few practical features too such as being foldable to reduce the consumption of space when not in use as well as offering jack ports so you can listen to music or audiobooks etc. through its fitted speaker systems clearly whilst working out. In all, this is a fantastic treadmill that I really recommend you check out -- besides it has to be the best seller for a reason.

The '860' Treadmill By Schwinn

Another very well rated & powerful (3.0 HP motor) treadmill - that excels in pretty much every aspect. For instance, it features a sophisticated heart programming system fitted (with chest belt) into the actual treadmill to give you accurate readings (along with advice as to how to improve your cardiovascular health yet further -- through 20 calculated workout programs e.g. HIIT with speeds of up to 12 mph). A particular aspect I like is its integrated fan directing a smooth refreshing air flow directly at you to keep you cool & comfortable whilst running.


Schwinn 860 Treadmill
Amazon Price: $2,199.00 $1,988.43 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 19, 2015)

If you are particularly concerned with protecting your joints -- then you will be particularly interested in the high tech 'softtrak suspension system' it has installed. Also, if you are looking for a particularly 'quiet' treadmill then this should do very nicely, with numerous owners commenting on just how whisper silent it is in operation. You also get a few additional features too such as the water bottle holder and the magazine rack. Moreover, it is incredibly practical as not only can it hold up very easily with soft-drop technology it is light enough (and fitted with wheels) to be taken away to store.

The TR3000i Folding Treadmill By LifeSpan Fitness

This model is essentially for those who are keen on what the TR1200i offers, however are after a bit more protection for their joints etc. especially with every day use. It provides an extra 1/4 inch phenolic deck as well as an extra 2 elastomers (making eight in total) - this in turn acts like extra cushioning so reduces the impact felt yet further on the treadmill (also improving the recovery of the user, allowing a potential increase in endurance too). Additional improvements include: a slightly improved 2.75 HP motor that allows you to run up to speeds of 12 mph -- but in all remains largely the same.

LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Folding Treadmill
Amazon Price: $1,999.99 $1,430.94 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 19, 2015)

The Premium 9.27 Treadmill by Precor

Precor is a brand that produces 'club-quality' exercise machines & although their machines are expensive, they are of a professional standing - so if you are going to be using a piece of equipment everyday it is worth investing in something that is going to offer you the best overall experience: from comfort to fitness results. The 9.27 is literally a treadmill like no other as it is packed with highly rated & unique technologies. For instance, to keep joint impact to an absolute minimum it utilises several systems such as its specialised shock absorption cushions, patented ground effects impact technology & stride support -- keeping injuries to a minimum & dramatically increasing recovery times. 


Precor 9.27 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology
Amazon Price: $2,799.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 19, 2015)

Moreover, its console reads out precise readings (not your averaged estimates that standard treadmills list out) where it takes into account your biological profile, assessing from your height, sex, weight, age, heart rate exactly how many calories you have burned off & from this suggests training programs to help best achieve your next fitness goal (increased endurance, weight loss, toning, fat burn etc.). This is a powerful & superb treadmill that offers state of the art features -- but is obviously intended for the 'serious' runner.

Which Treadmill Will You Choose & Why?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview - of the best treadmills for everyday use - or about any of the models specifically mentioned then please be sure to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. 

And One More Thing...

ProImpact Treadmill Mat
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Be sensible and invest in a treadmill mat to protect your floor as well as your treadmill from getting damaged -- something like the ProImpact treadmill will do a fine job (for all sized treadmills). Moreover, get hold of some treadmill lubricant to keep your new running machine well maintained.