Top Treadmills 2013 Under 1000 Dollars

If you are looking to buy a high quality treadmill for your home under $1000, then the following showcase of treadmills should be able to help you out. Below, is a top four list of some of the very best home treadmills available in 2012 all within a $1k budget -- that incorporate and excel in a range of important factors of a treadmill, from the quality of the treadmill's features and specifications (e.g. fitness programs) to that of their simple practicality (e.g. foldable).

TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2013 Model) by LifeSpan Fitness

Reduced from $1499.00 to $998.98 (29/08/2013). The TR 1200i is an multi-award winning (Treadmill Doctor Best Buy & the Fitness Professor -- 2011 Model -- Best Treadmill under 1000 Dollars) high quality treadmill that hosts a range of features from offering you a range of 17 fitness programs (weight loss, sports training etc.) to an accurate LCD console which registers a range of vitals and statistics, from your heart rate & calories burned to that of your incline level. Moreover, it easily folds over so you can save space within your house as well as coming with a free LifeSpan Fitness membership so you can accurately track your weight loss and health improvements. 

Power 995 Treadmill (2013 Model) by ProForm

Reduced from $1999.00 to $949.97 (29/08/2013) . The Power 995 is regarded as one of the best treadmills available under the $1000 mark, again like the TR1200i it is packed with features such as the 20 workout programs on the LED screen display (which also details your vitals and stats) and what I most admire about the 995 is the rated ProShox Elite 2 mechanism to reduce the impact on your joints (something that I am personally quite cautious of when using a treadmill). Moreover, like that of the TR 1200i it offers the folding capability to save on space as well as the iPod + Nike input port to stay in touch with your workout. 

Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill by Smooth

Reduced from $1999.00 to $854.99 (the cheapest of the range --  29/08/2012). The 5.65 is extremely popular and highly regarded by customers, and this isn't that surprising either as the 5.65 offers incredible value for its price tag. Like that of the TR1200i and 995, it folds to allow it to be spatially practical, moreover (and why it gets a big green tick next to it from me) it is instilled with a shock absorption mechanism that allows for soft landing and hence prevents from severe impact. Along with this it offers the standard workout programs through its LED display that also informs you of the standard set of statistics (e.g. speed,  incline) as well as a wireless heart strap.

T514 Treadmill by Nautilius

Reduced from $1849.00 to $926.41  (29/08/2013). Last but certainly by no means least is the T514 made by the reputable sports equipment company Nautilius. The T514 doesn't let a user down, by containing every feature that they could possibly want -- from a magazine rack to transportation wheels. Moreover, the T514 offers a unique integrated fan mechanism which is useful to add the user that sense of added comfort, as well as coming with the standard LED screen displaying the vitals and stats as well as the fitness programs (weight loss etc.)

The TR 1200i has to receive my personal vote as being the best out the range.Which treadmill would you buy and why? Please let me know in the comments section below along with any other additional remarks or questions you have specifically regarding the Best Treadmills under $1000.

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