Anyone planning on running a triathlon should consider triathlon apparel for men. There are so many different styles that are available for the man that is looking for a very stylish but comfortable way to compete.

Finding clothing for a triathlon that is both comfortable and good looking can be hard at times. However, there are numerous companies that specialize in providing high quality wear specifically for triathlons.

When choosing triathlon apparel men should make sure that the items that they select are comfortable. Performing in a triathlon requires that individuals are able to easily navigate between one sporting event to the next without changing clothes in many cases. Because of this it is very important that individuals have clothes that are very versatile. Thus, triathlon apparel for men must be capable of being worn through a series of different events.

Men that are participating in a triathlon should consider how the design of a suit will affect their performance. Having a set that offers both durability and comfort is very important.

Many times men that are training for or competing in a triathlon need to have a suit that is capable of the transition from water to land sporting events. While there are many suits available not all of them are made the same.

A men's triathlon suit should be made with materials that offer flexibility, durability and comfort. The materials that the wetsuit is made from should be very pliable. Oftentimes the materials of wetsuits for men are made from a Neoprene material as with the Vortex2 wetsuits.

The Neoprene is often reinforced with a stretch lining which allows for more flexibility and comfort while swimming, and the lining also promotes durability as well.

After the swimming phase of the triathlon it is necessary for a change in clothing. This is usually done during what is called the first transition to prep for cycling.

Obtaining triathlon apparel for men specifically for cycling that is comfortable and easy to put on is important. There are different brands available. Some of the more popular brands include Aervero Tri shorts which have good stitching and are under a warranty.

Men may also be interested in purchasing coordinating tops to go along with their biking shorts. Most of the high quality tops that are available are made with special materials such as Delfino Dimple mesh.

This material not only offers ventilation it also provides aerodynamic traits which helps when cycling. Some people believe that bike wear made from these types of materials makes people faster.

There are a number of great triathlon clothing brands available specifically for men. Such brands include BT, Xterra and CW-X just to name a few. When shopping for triathlon apparel for men one should consider the three different sports and the type of athletic clothing which will be needed.

While there are a variety of different clothing brands available, it is best to stick to the brands which have a track record of providing quality clothing specifically for sporting events.