For those long narrow rural roads that can easily pile up with snow drifts, the best truck mounted snow blowers on the market today will get the job done. Suburban and urban area roads can be safely and routinely plowed down by snowplows.

For rural areas that are less traveled by the snowplows, a truck mounted snow blower is the best blower for the job. During the winter months, some of the rural roads can get pretty impassable. This is when the welcoming sight of a truck mounted snow blower, eating away three feet high snow drifts, is the most appreciated.

The best truck mounted snow blowers are manufactured by Hanson. The company has been producing these truck mounted blowers for years. SnowVac truck mounted snow blowers are leaders in the market.

This is one a Hansen brand truck mounted snow blower. Hansen is the main distributor of the truck mounted snow blowers. Other brands are Western, Fisher and Myers, which are also distributed by Hansen.

These are heavy-duty powerful efficient snow blowers. One look at these snow blowers and the reasons are clear why these heavy-duty gas horse powered snow blowers can cut 7 foot swaths of snow as they slowly plow forward.

These blowers are far from the featherweight class and can weigh up to a staggering 800 pounds. This truck mounted blower uses a non-backward motion, and can manage to throw mounds of snow over 40 feet to the sides.

These truck mounted blowers can fit easily on a truck or SUV that should be around close to a full ton, and not much lighter. The truck needs to be able to support the weight of the truck mounted blower without putting undue pressure and tension on the front end of the truck.

A heavy truck can readily push the heavy pile up of snow drifts safer than lighter trucks using a snow blower. This is why a four-wheel drive truck is preferable than any other type drives. It is a bonus if the truck also has an automatic transmission.

The preference is because of the low speeds that must be used for operating the snow blower effectively.

The engine of the truck is where the snow blower derives its power from. To effectively work the controls of the truck mounted snow blower needs to be wired into the cab of the truck. This includes the electric key start, discharge chute rotation and deflection, choke, throttle, and the hydraulic lift on the snow blower.

The best truck mounted snow blowers on the market are models of the 2-cylinder, 4 cycles and up to a 27 horse powered engine. These best truck mounted snow blowers are reportedly using the power and force of six dual-stage self-propelled snow blowers.

Typically these types of truck mounted blowers are used for contract business for roadwork. They are also designed to get into hard to reach places like a mountain retreat, a vacation cabin, or a long narrow driveway that has holds large amounts of snow between the banks. Clear and safe passage can be had from the use of these truck mounted snow blowers.