A compost bin is a must have for the amateur gardener because it will save money spent on plant fertilizer. It is also the environmentally right thing to do as you are essentially recycling old food waste to make fresh vegetables and fruits from your garden. All of this said, there are basically two types of compost bins. One is the basic compost bin and is great for a small garden and the other is the tumbler compost bin. In this article, I am going to go over the difference between the two and then give some options into what I believe is the best tumbler compost bin.

Like I said, a compost bin comes in two different bins...the basic and the tumbler. The basic compost bin is probably what most gardeners will use as it is inexpensive and easy to assemble and is nothing more than a storage space in which you can keep your compost all in one centralized place. It is perfect for amateur gardeners that have small gardens.

A typical compost pile will take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to completely compost and this is usually dependent on how often it is turned. As with a simple compost bin, the turning usually involves a little manual labor.

The good part about building a simple compost bin is that you can use some very simple tools to make one. In fact, some gardeners will build a bin out of flexible fencing. This is a very simple solution to composting problems.

The better option for the gardener that either wants more containment OR has a larger garden is the tumbler compost bin. The downside to this kind of bin is that it is more expensive. However, a tumbler compost bin is probably the most efficient way to compost and can lower the time it takes for food to compost drastically.

The Tumbler Compost Bin works well because it holds the compost in a sealed drum which you can turn as a unit that will air the compost out and help expediate the composting process. Most tumbler compost bins need to be turn at least once a day.

A tumbler compost bin comes in a variety of sizes and buying a compost bin is more about deciding how big of a job that you need to accomplish whatever it is your want to accomplish. You can expect the compost process to take as little as 3 weeks but no longer than 6 weeks.

So what is the best tumbler compost bin?

The good news is that there really isn't a "best", brand wise. What I advise you to do is to start shopping around and base your purchase on the size of the bin (how much composting do you need to do?) as well as the reputation of the tumbler compost bin dealer.

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