Sometimes, our hard drives in our laptops or desktops just do not provide enough storage space for all our files and applications. In addition to that, we need to constantly back-up our files just in case our hard drives give off that sound of death.

As USB flash disks boost into popularity over the last years, starting with 128MBs to as big as 8GBs now, sometimes it just isn't enough; that's why a USB HardDrive is now getting more and more popular amongst computer users today.

These external HDs provide extra storage for files and other things, but what do you look for a quality USB HardDrive? Here are some things to look out for when you want to buy a USB external drive.

Size – There are generally two kinds of external HDs; the 2.5" (using laptop HDs) and 3.5" (using desktop HDs). You can buy a laptop or desktop HD and then buy a USB enclosure. However, an external desktop HD includes an external power adapter, which makes it heavier and bulkier. 2.5" HDs can get its power from its USB connection.

Capacity – How many GBs do you need? If you plan to backup your computer, then get something that is equal or more than what you currently have in your system. But if you want to use it as a portable HD for your files, there are sizes ranging from 160GBs to even 500GBs.

Features – Most branded external HDs have added features, such as one touch button backup solutions or auto-clone software. Check what works best for you.

Speed – A higher RPM will give you faster data transfer rates.

A USB HardDrive provides easier data storage compared to burning all your files in DVDs or CDs. These external HDs are also easier to transport compared to bringing a number of DVDs or CDs with you.

They also provide essential backup solutions to help you maintain your desktop or laptop. As most people constantly need more and more space, sometimes a USB flash drive just isn't enough to hold all your files.

With these USB external Hard Drives, you can bring your files anywhere – and you can also backup your whole system so you have peace of mind with all your digital files safely stored.

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