One gift that is always a winner is the gift of jewelry. This doesn’t need to be expensive you can get something simple like a bracelet or a locket. Make it unique and get it engraved with special words. It could also be the perfect time to ask her to marry you if you have that in your plans and give the ring as the gift. Other ideas would be to make a nice jewelry box if you are handy with tools, or a rack to hang necklaces on. You can decide what amount you want to spend but just remember that more doesn’t always mean it will be better.

A Photograph of You

Now this gift isn’t your regular photograph of you in your ripped jeans and mustard stains on your shirt. Get dressed in your best clothes and go to a professional photography studio. Make sure you get several sizes of photographs done so she has something to put in her purse. You could even give one of these to your mother too. You could by some frames for the pictures you have taken. Other ideas would be to prepay ahead of time, put a note in her Christmas card and surprise her with the news.

Support Her Hobbies

Most women have some type of hobby so buy a gift that supports her hobbies. Maybe your lady likes to garden. You could buy her some garden books or garden accessories. Other ideas might be paying for a class so she can learn more about a hobby such as photography lessons. Her hobby might be something as simple as shopping so surprise her with a bunch of gift cards. It doesn’t matter what her hobby is just buy a gift that helps her do something fun outside of work.

A Special Trip

One nice gift would be to plan a special trip for the two of you. Plan ahead and to all the arrangements. Maybe you could talk to her boss and see if you could get her the time off. Get a nice card and some flowers and surprise her with it. You could even do this at herwork the day before she is off for Christmas vacation.


Buying her clothing can be a tricky gift so be sure you know what she likes. The easiest way to go about it is to get a shopping list from her. You might ask her friends what she has been looking for. Lingerie can also be a great gift too as long as she is comfortable wearing it.

Entertainment and Technology

Other great gifts include new CDS and DVDs, books and other items. Some examples might be a collection of DVD seasons from her favorite show, or some CD from her favorite artists. Other gifts could include a new cell phone, a laptop or other technology that will make her life easier. Books are always great gifts too just get her something she likes to read.


You can buy great gifts for your spouse or girlfriend. Gifts don't have to be expensive to make a statement about how much you care for a person. Buy her something that says "I love you" which is more important than cost. A great gift is one from the heart and that is what the holidays are all about.