What's the Top Rated Vacuum for Frieze Carpets?

Are you looking for a top quality vacuum cleaner that will be highly effective, however also safe in cleaning your frieze carpet? If so, I promise you, that  don't have to look any further than the Dyson DC65 vacuum cleaner -- whereby it has been proven numerous times to "clean better than any other vacuum across any surface (incl. thick frieze carpeting)" -- where it is extremely effective in picking up dust, dirt and pet hair due to all of Dyson's latest advanced technology & engineering triumphs being literally crammed and integrated into it. Let's briefly explore the numerous factors below as to exactly why the Dyson DC65 upright is easily considered the best vacuum cleaner for frieze carpet.

Dyson DC65 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $499.99 $356.34 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 2, 2015)

Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head 

This is a vital aspect of technology for house carpet cleaning (especially thick frieze carpets), that many cheaper and quite frankly inferior vacuums don't have (and if they do, they are usually no where nears as good as Dyson's version). 

It allows the frontal cleaner head to adapt to the floor type it is cleaning and in this case with frieze carpets it will raise up automatically -- this is because firstly: you don't want the beater brush bar too low otherwise it could possibly damage your frieze carpet through frizzing the fibers (causing fluff), thereby the DC65 is fully protecting your carpet (and strictly speaking it doesn't quite work on a beater brush system in the same way as a traditional vacuum does & yu have the ability to clean without it). Secondly: it allows for a more optimal cleaning suction performance given that it will actively minimizes the air loss leakage.

Incredible Suction Power

as said just above, this is the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner ever produced and boasts a huge 245 air watt suction capacity (with twice the suction power as the next best non Dyson vacuum cleaner). Again, a very powerful suction performance is an important aspect for cleaning casual frieze carpet (especially when cleaning without a brush bar, another factor cheaper vacuums just can't offer you), because it will not only remove the surface dirt for you but will also get right into the 'hidden' and embedded dirt right in the pile. 

And... because the Dyson DC65 has also undergone a severe upgrade with its re-configured motor brush bar, which essentially has allowed it to apply "25% more power [and] drives bristles deeper intro carpets removing more dirt [and debris]", the DC65 can also get right into long pile, frieze carpet better than any other vacuum on the market as well.

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $599.99 $408.18 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 2, 2015)

Latest Re-Modelled Radial Root Cyclone Technology 

It is this technology that really separates a Dyson vacuum from a normal vacuum -- it affords it the capability to be bagless and not lose suction. However, the real advantage that it offers is that it can allow the DC65 to generate incredible centrifugal forces (more so than any other vacuum ever made) which makes it extremely effective at picking up microscopic dust, dirt and allergen particles for home carpet cleaning. Operating at the same (and in most cases surpassing) a professional carpet cleaner.

Awesome Dyson Ball Technology

This is probably Dyson's most famous technology and although it allows you greater ease of movement than the traditional rigid wheel mechanism (whereby it can literally turn on a dime, rather than having to drag it back and forth to get around tight corners) -- it offers you a significant advantage for when it comes to vacuum cleaning frieze carpet. It has no wheels to actually get stuck on, cleaning with the DC65 is much easier than other vacuums that work on a wheeled system.

"Out Cleans Vacuums on All Floors"

(including frieze carpets)

An Army of Cleaning Tools, Accessories and Attachments 

If you check out the Dyson DC65 Animal complete you will see that you get a whole range of awesome Dyson cleaning tools that will work great on your frieze carpeted floors for intricate cleaning jobs (especially for the high traffic areas of your carpet) -- you will be able to get right to the core, to clean every last piece of dirt. Specifically you get the legendary tangle free turbine tool, combination tool, up top tool, soft dusting brush tool, stubborn dirt brush, stair tool and much more.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $649.99 $442.88 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 2, 2015)

Final Thoughts on House Carpet Cleaning

If you have spent a lot of money fitting your new frieze carpet (& love it dearly) there's simply no point going for a cheap vacuum cleaner as you will more than likely ruin it & the initial investment will be wasted. So to keep it in tip top condition you are going to have to get hold of a quality vacuum cleaner and as pointed out from the several factors above, there is nothing that has more quality than the DC65 Animal Complete -- this vacuum is definitely the way to go for those with frieze carpeted floors. But, if you do have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best vacuum for frieze carpet then please make them below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.