Vacuums for bare floors

Choosing the correct vacuum can be difficult enough. Choosing on that will work on hardwood floors is an even greater challenge. Many vacuums are only designed with carpets in mind and are often uncompatible with wood floors, tile, or linoleum. It can be a huge pain to vacuum the carpets, but sweep the wood floors. Careful selection must be made when choosing a vacuum that will work on hardwood floors.

The best vacuum for hardwood floors depends on a couple factors. First, it must be designed so that the bottom is low enough to provide suction to bare floors. Wood floors are lower than carpet and cannot "get sucked up" into the vacuum. For this reason, a vacuum for wood floors must also have superior suction power.

Another consideration when choosing a hardwood floor vacuum is that it must not damage the wood floors. Wood floors can be easily scratched by the plastic and metal components of a vacuum if it is not designed properly.

Here are some vacuums that have been highly rated for hardwood and bare floors.

Eureka BossCredit: Amazon1. Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, 4870MZ - $135. This is a very popular mid-range option. It is a very good choice for the cost. This vacuum has a special built in brush that allows you to switch from carpet cleaning to hardwood floor cleaning with just the push of a button. It is also has a HEPA filter, which helps remove dust and allergens from the floors better than any other system. It also is has powerful suction to help you clean the whole house.

Hoover(132376)Credit: Amazon2. Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum, FH40010B - $119. If you are looking to clean hardwood floors, you may be most interested in a Wet/Dry vacuum. This type of vacuum will not only vacuum your floors, it will also mop and dry them! The Hoover FloorMate is an extremely popular, highly rated, and affordable wet/dry vacuum. This style of vacuum will really get hardwood floors clean! This vacuum features a rotating brush that will really scrub floors clean. It is also remarkably lighweight and is bagless as well.

Hoover StickCredit: Amazon3.  Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner - $130. This is a very highly rated stick type vacuum cleaner that is recommended for both carpet and hardwood floor use. This model also has a switch that easily allowed you to switch from carpet to hardwood floor mode. This small model is lightweight and easy to manuever. It is also extremely powerful for a stick vacuum cleaner. The reviews reveal that is a great choice for hardwood floors and pet owners.

                                 4. Kenmore progressive 35922 - $139. This is a a older model vacuum but has received solid Kenmore ProgressiveCredit: Amazonreviews over its lifetime, especially in hardwood floor cleaning capability. It is also great for cleaning pet hair. It is a bagging vacuum, but does not have a belt so maintenance is easier. Because it is an older model, you can find this vacuum at deeply discounted prices. It is a heavier vacuum, so cleaning hard to reach places may be difficult. [7375]

Kenmore CanisterCredit: Sears5. Kenmore  Canister Vacuum Cleaner 29319 - $190. This is one the highest rated Kenmore models. This model is rated highly for vacuuming bare floors. It has very high ratings overall and is an extremely popular choice. The canister style makes this vacuum extremely lightwight and easy to maneuver. Most importantly, the suction is strong and really has the capability to vacuum a hardwood floor.