Guys, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  As men, we need to step up and present the ladies we love with gifts they really want.  How many years in a row have you given her candy or flowers?  Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for men to show women that we listen to them and care for their needs.  Below are some gift ideas that cannot miss the mark.  Some of these ideas are great on their own, but some may be better if you combine them together.

Spa Treatment

Spa treatments, for two, shows her you want to spend intimate time together.  You do not have to take a romantic getaway in a luxury hotel to enjoy a spa.  Spas can be found all around town, so make sure you do a little research before picking the company for your gift.  This present will allow each of you to relax and be pampered, but remember she is the one that deserves all the attention.  Packages can include multiple options, which include massages, pedicure, facials, skin treatments, salted baths, and the like.


How many of you like to see your companion dressed to the nines?  I know we all enjoy our ladies dressed up.  Normally, looking fabulous includes some jewelry.  Buy jewelry to help her accessorize and look her best for you.  There are a huge array of choices, so let me break it down for you.  Look at purchasing diamonds and start with earrings or necklaces.  Diamond pendants are usually a good choice for necklaces.  Be sure to take your time and make a good choice.  Do not dare buy CZ (Cubic zirconia).  Remember, you want her to know you care about her and this is not the time to impress her with your money saving prowess.

Cook Her Favorite Meal

Nothing says love like a man cooking for the woman of his life.  Cooking a meal is a great touch in a relationship.  You will need to put some thought into this gift.  You are not going to impress her with a sandwich.  Prepare a meal you know is her favorite and include dessert.  Clean up any mess you make while cooking.  Remember to set the table and light some candles.

Gift Certificate to Favorite Boutique

Most of us are not able to make a home run by purchasing clothing for our lady.  No, buying clothes from the mannequin is not going to help you, in most cases.  So, the next best thing is to buy a gift certificate from her favorite boutique.  Make sure your gift will cover the purchase she intends to pick up.  Take a walk through the store to ensure your gift will hit the mark and allows her to buy the item she has been eyeing.  You do not want her to get to the register and fork out her own money.

Romantic Getaway

Who does not want a break from the normal hubbub of life? Ladies want to spend time with their mate while taking a break.  Instead, take a weekend or take a vacation and find an area with horse drawn carriage/sleigh rides through town; stay at a bed and breakfast; cuddle by the fireplace; or watch the sunset in each other’s arms.  The idea is to spend quality time with one another and forget about the world.  By the way, ditch your mobile device because this is not the time to text the guys or check on the deals at work.

Special Night on the Town

There are places around town you enjoy together, but have not been in awhile.  It is time to spend a night on the town.  Women enjoy spending time with you at a local play or show, which are great choices for a night out.  Concerts are great choices whether you listen to her favorite band, orchestra, or another musical venue.  Remember, to make the entertainment about her wants and you are there to compliment her.

Guys, these gift ideas and many others will show your lady how much you care for her and listen to her needs.  When presenting these gifts you can include a single stem rose or chocolate.  Feel free to combine these ideas to make the gift giving experience even better.  Many of these gifts take some planning, so do not wait until the last minute.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about them and not about us.