Top Rated Vibration Plates

We’ve all heard about them, and seen them being used in countless commercials and movies, but many of us know very little about vibration platform machines and why using one can have a good effect on your overall fitness levels.

Vibration platform machines work to stretch your muscles involuntarily and thereby cause them to reflex, meaning your muscles will get a workout without you having to undertake conventional exercise routines. These unique exercise machines can help you to tone your body, lose weight and feel better about yourself, without you having to head to the gym.

But which vibration platform machines are the best ones to buy? Aren’t they all the same, or are some better than others? The truth is, they all help you to get in shape, but some have a few more additional functions and features that make them stand out from the rest.

In order to help you with your search for the best vibration platform machine, I have compiled a list of the best vibration platform machines on the market right now:

Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Size: 29 x 27.5 x 48 inches | Vibration plate size: 21 x 15 inches | Weight: 70 pounds

With a user-friendly display and an easy to navigate menu, the Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is a joy to use. Priced at approximately $999.00, you can be sure the extra cost will be well worth it. On average, users lose around 2 pounds in 2 weeks, when they use this machine daily, and that’s without making any changes to their diet or exercise regime. 

Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine
Amazon Price: $999.00 $249.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 5, 2013)
This machine is ideal for those who simply don't have the time to exercise, and a mere 10 minutes on the Confidence fitness machine is equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional exercise.

Soozier Mini Entire Vibration Exercise Platform Machine

Size: 23.6 x 15 x 8.7 inches |Vibration Plate size: Not known |Weight: 37.5 pounds

This small but mighty vibration machine is perfect for those who do not have a lot of room, or who travel a lot for business or pleasure. Sold with travel handle and wheels, you can expect to pay approximately $400, for this effective exercise tool. With 20 different speed levels and the ability to hold up to 265 pounds, just about anyone will find this machine easy to use. The Soozier Mini Full Body Vibration Exercise Platform Machine comes with a metal case, which makes it perfect for storing on those long journeys, although it does make it quite heavy and lifting the case could be a workout in itself. 

Soozier Mini Full Body Vibration Exercise Platform Machine w/ Traveling Handle & Wheels
Amazon Price: $399.99 $179.97 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 5, 2013)
With no need to assemble, and adjustable handles and wheels, this vibration machine is perfect to use and to store away somewhere small.

Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine

Size: Not known | Weight: 169 pounds | Vibration plate size: 15 x 18 inches

With its ability to help you lose weight and lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, the 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Entire Vibration Exercise Machine may just be the right machine for you. Sold for roughly $1,999.00 this exercise machine is one of the best available. The good news about this particular machine is its almost silent, which is why it is a little more expensive than some. 

2010 Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine by Tripact Inc
Amazon Price: $1,995.00 $152.76 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 5, 2013)
The quietness of the machine means it can be used before breakfast while others are still asleep. It also means people in the same room will not be disturbed while you work to eliminate cellulite and work on those muscles, without having to lift weights.

Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine

Size: 29.9 x 25.2 x 55.1 inches | Weight: 106 pounds | Vibration Plate Size: Not known

With the ability to double the impact of your exercise regime versus other similar machines, it’s no wonder the Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine is one of the best on the market right now. You can get hold of it for around $2,599.00, you can be sure that you will be getting one of the best vibration workouts around. With the ability to show you the frequency of the vibration and the chance to use a range of programs so your workout is tailored to your current fitness level and your needs, the Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine will work well for you. 

Hypervibe Vibrating Platform Exercise Machine
Amazon Price: $2,599.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 5, 2013)
Used for 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can expect to see some great results in a matter of weeks. If you simply want to improve your flexibility rather than tone your body, you will find it relatively easy to do, simply by using one of the more gentler programs that this his high quality exercise machine offers you.

The right vibration platform machine for you is out there, just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions and you will soon find your fitness levels are back to what they should be, in no time at all. 

Which model will you choose? Let me know why. Also, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regrarding either the comparison overview of the best vibration platform machines or about any of the vibration platform models mentioned specifically above then please do not hesitatet to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.