Living in the present isn't always a good thing. Sometimes, especially when it comes to decorating, it is better to live in the past, or vintage. There are a number of ways that you can bring a vintage vibe or an antique touch to your home décor.

You could opt to incorporate decorative furniture pieces from other time periods or remodel existing pieces to give them a more vintage feel. These options are great if money is no object, but if you are looking to add antique charm on a budget, then a much more cost-effective way of achieving this style is to look to the different types of vintage door knobs that are available.

There are scores of unique styles of vintage door knobs that you can choose from. During the 1870's, it was common to find door knobs made from wood.

These knobs were carved, turned, or pressed. Some have smooth surfaces, while others have ornamental designs. Another type of knob made in the 1870's is the concentric knob. This knob variety is decorated with patterns that form concentric circles moving from the knob's center to its outer edge.

The 1880's and 1890's brought a slew of different door knob types to the market. Some examples include: the representative door knob, which has identifiable designs of people, animals, or objects engraved on it; the asymmetric knob, which has a single, overall design covering the knob's surface; and the spiral and swirl knobs, which are decorated with designs exactly as their name indicates.

Other popular types of door knobs from this time period include all of the numeric folds, ranging from two up to eight. This kind of knob has a pattern on it that is repeated for a given number of times.

With the turn of the century, came new styles of door knobs, such as the emblematic and fraternal knob. In the past, these types of knobs were typically customized for buildings like schools, hotels, businesses, and government buildings.

Their use was not restricted only to these types of buildings though, and for today's use, certainly anyone can have access to an emblematic or fraternal knob if they so choose.

The 1910's and 1920's brought two popular kinds of knobs. One is the oval knob, which as its name states, is shaped like an oval. It can be engraved with any form of decorative pattern. The other type is the glass knob.

This kind of knob comes in many different shapes and was a very common variety of door knob during the early part of the twentieth century. Nowadays, there are many different options for glass door knobs as far as the cut, color, and material go.

Some of the shape patterns that you can choose from include rosette and oval. For colors, you can get plain clear or a shade of green, violet, blue, amber, or rose. Plus, you can opt to have your knob mounted on material made from nickel, steel, or brass metal.

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