Vintage Fountain Pens: Famous Antique Collectable Pens

Vintage fountain pens are considered collectibles and may bring what could be considered an amazing price for what they are. They are able to be repaired and used for years or may simply be kept as part of a collection. Commemorative and decorative pens as well as ones that have been used for official signings of documents have been auctioned off through Sotheby's for thousands of dollars. Researching vintage fountain pens prior to purchasing would be a prudent investment of time.

Famous Brands of Vintage Fountain Pens

Famous brands of vintage fountain pens which were originally available in relatively larger numbers are included in the collectibles. Some of the well known brands include, Parker, Hamilton-Broadwell, Sheaffer, Waterman, Wahl and Conklin, although there are numerous others as well. These pens were each sold in several different models throughout the years. Some include cases, which if in good condition are available either with the pens or can be sold separately. Sets may have originally included a pen and pencil within a case, often satin lined and with the makers name marked on the interior. Both hard and soft cases were produced to be used with the many famous brands. Cross tins as well as other brands which were sold for commemorative are also available for the storing of pens.

Repairing Vintage Fountain Pens

Repairing vintage fountain pens generally includes cleaning and polishing the nib as well as removing any debris that may have accumulated. For vacuum type pens o-rings, gaskets and diaphragm replacement may be necessary, adjustments will have to be made to the feed control to allow for the correct amount of ink. Exterior cosmetic cleaning and repairs can be made as well, including polishing and removal of light scratches and burns. Choosing a well known and trusted repairman to accomplish the repairs is essential as is packaging them correctly for shipment and purchasing insurance for their total worth. Using a box and padding to protect the pen rather than an envelope is highly recommended as a pen may easily pass through a small tear.

Shopping for Vintage Fountain Pens

Shopping for vintage fountain pens can be done anywhere, locally, on vacations and online. A collector will keep their eyes open for pens which may be a real bargain in various antique and collectors stores as well as at estate sales. This a select market and many people are not aware of their value, thus many are thrown away increasing the value of the remaining ones.

Shopping online for vintage fountain pens through various search engines brings up many sites which offer a nice collection of all the popular brands in many models to choose from. Specials and markdowns can be found, and users of online auction sites may offer them for sale as well. Grandparents and parents may have pen sets from when they graduated high school or college as this was a very popular gift for many years. Shopping for vintage fountain pens offers many venues to search.

Pricing Vintage Fountain Pens

The pricing of vintage fountain pens varies considerably according to brand and model type. Pens which have been used by presidents or someone famous or to sign important documents will fetch a hefty price. Most collectors though are either adding to a collection or actually choosing a quality pen to use daily. For these buyers a solid basic model can be found for as little as 50 dollars, with most ranging around 120 to 150 dollars. Many pens in the 400 dollar range can be found online as well, some with pencils and cases included.

Due to their increased value as collector's items vintage fountain pens are becoming scarcer at low prices although inexpensive can still be found. Many people are real aficionados of them due to their ease of writing and steady flow of ink. Bright pink floral pens can be found in as small as 4 inches long while at the other extreme is a solid chrome pen or chrome and black with the familiar bullet shape. Commemorative vintage fountain pens from worlds fairs for instance are available for purchase and like many other styles carry a hint of nostalgia.

Protecting and caring for vintage fountain pens after purchase will mainly consist of not misplacing or losing them. Other than that adding ink or occasionally sending them in for nib polishing or replacement if needed is about the extent of the care involved. A quality vintage fountain pen should last many more years with very little care.