Best Viral Marketing

The power of viral marketing is huge. If you can create some kind of content that goes viral you are essentially getting the cheapest for of marketing available. Viral marketing is strong and erratic. Once a piece of content goes viral, it is possible for it to spread across the internet and even possible for it to become part of pop culture.

Slogans have the the ability to become part of widespread marketing. A catchy or humors slogan can be powerful if it becomes a viral sensation.

"Where's The Beef?"

The above quote may not seem like viral marketing but it really is. Simple phrases may seem like nothing more then a slogan but do you remember what company the slogan is tied to? Wendy's. The slogan went viral but many people do not remember what the slogan was tied to.

Video going viral is the "Charlie Bit My Finger" Youtube video. The video features a young boy having his baby brother biting his finger. Many people think of this video as nothing more then just amusement but think of the hits.

The video as of 2/19/2011 has over 250,000,000 Views. The video was monetized with AdSense and by the creators selling videos and building a huge subscribers list.

Even if you have a video completely unrelated to your product go viral, you are still building a list of subscribers if the video is hosted on youtube.

Websites also have the ability to go completely viral. One of the most popular examples is the "Hamster Dance" website. When the internet first began being used by average consumers there was a slew of websites building themselves with animated gifs. One of the sites within the net was utilizing animated gifs was the "Hamster Dance" website. The site went across the internet quickly.

The website was monetized with Adspace,T-Shirts,MP3 Remixes and other memorabilia.

Blogs are one of the best ways to leverage the power of marketing. If you can have a blog become of a niche across the internet then you have built a marketing empire. has marketed itself to the MAD Magazine and sarcastic humor crowd well. It's content has now ramped up and it's website is essentially now an online newspaper.

There are very few ways to predict what will become a virus content. If you build your content around the idea of making it go across the internet, then it will fail. You have to build content with the reader in mind. Most of the popular viral ideas we're created to do exactly that.