Volleyball ankle braces for athletes

Every person wearing volleyball ankle braces does it to protect oneself from impending danger. If you are playing a game and you know things can get a little bit rough, you'll always want to protect yourself. In all sports that have to do with jumping and a lot of leg movements like volleyball, basketball, running and martial arts, ankle sprains are always expected. Not that it is inevitable, but there is always a tendency to land a foot in the wrong way during a session and of course, the end result is a sprained ankle. There are two types of ankle sprains and the first one manifest from the inability of the ankle to immediately adjust to an abnormal position and the second type occurs when there is an external contact on the ankle, mostly from another player.

Uses of volleyball ankle braces

In every country that volleyball is played, a large number of players find themselves dealing with an ankle injury which calls for the need of protection. Ankle sprains occur most times after a jump and usually in a position that keeps the upper part of the foot involuntarily flexed. Volleyball players very often wear ankle braces to support weak ankles and drive away the common fear of tearing off the Achilles tendon. Apart from prevention, ankle braces are mainly used to aid recovery. It helps an injured athlete to regain ankle functionality over time. Many ankle braces are packed with air cells and gel which helps to improve healing and reduce swelling and are manufactured with a neoprene system which allows for proper flexibility.

There are two main types of Ankle braces- the non-rigid and semi- rigid. The non-rigid resembles a laced up sock and its function is to prevent sprains by first stopping any disruption in proprioception that will lead to shock when a strong impact is laid on it. The other type is the semi- rigid. It is different from the non-rigid in the sense that it has an extra attachment made out of plastic on both sides with a lightweight pedal for the foot. It provides more stability for the lateral and medial sides of the ankle.

Cost of volleyball ankle braces

High functionality ankle braces cost from $50 - $150 while medium functionality cost around $30- $50. Light ankle braces cost from $7-$30. All these differences in price are due to the complexity of the material used to make the brace and the purpose it serves.

The light ankle braces are usually low profile, for normal ankle support maintaining heat retention, mild compression and stability during the game.

The moderate ankle braces- offer a strong support and stability while still healing and preventing injuries.

The high functionality ankle braces - are often worn post-trauma. They give-high level support to the wearer and aid proper healing for the individual. Many athletes who suffer from tendonitis, drop foot and plantar fasciitis wear these braces.

Many shoe manufacturers like Nike, Adiddas, Mueller and Mizuno also produce ankle braces at affordable prices and the very common ones are the active ankle braces because they come with overhaul and strap kits that allow you to replace damaged parts very easily without having to buy an entirely new brace.