Volley ball knee pads

Volley ball knee pads are worn to protect players from knee injuries during a game. If a player's knee brushes the floor every now and then, there will be a natural lookout for accidents and the affected person will always want to avoid hitting and bruising. This will inhibit high performance since there is reduced concentration and techniques like digging and diving become more tedious to master. That is why knee pads are necessary not only for protection but for maximum focus on the ball. Knee pads have evolved from large bulky structures into beautiful pieces of art that satisfy the needs of all volley ball players.

Things to watch out for in knee pads

Skin: Do you have an allergy on your skin or is your skin sensitive? You should try buying those special knee pads that are built to stop irritation. There are rash-preventing knee pads from Mueller and other antimicrobial knee pads that hinder any kind of bacteria from reacting with the skins sweat pores during friction.

Ventilation: Heat and sweat can make a knee cap very uncomfortable to wear. Players often feel like taking them off and throwing them away only that getting all bruised up and not being able to participate is not such a welcoming thought. New knee pads have side holes that allow the release of hot air from the inside out and the flow of cold air into the cap. A good example is the Ace and Asic knee pad.

Protection: Knee pads must cover the entire knee region and provide proper cushioning for the patellar and surrounding bones especially the fibula and tibia. In case you are worried about the weight and comfort after heavy decking, you can procure the gel conform knee pads from Asics; they give a soft feeling and enough cushion to the knee to prevent shock during play.

Mobility: The style of padding or type of foaming material of a knee pad can add to or limit movement. There are easy-wear types that provide comfort and less bulky, skinny knee pads from Nike which will no doubt provide a lightweight feeling and flexibility. Some other brands have elastic wrap materials that enable stretching.

How much are volleyball knee pads?

Knee pads can cost anything from $11-$30 depending on its quality and size. It is better to buy new knee pads for adequate protection and durability.

Sizes of volley ball knee pads

Knee pads come in varying in lengths from 6 inches to 9inches. They are available in medium and large sizes from Mizuno and young and adult sizes from Asics. The slider pads are the longest with a wider coverage on and below the knees. The most highly demanded knee pads are from Mizuno. They are short but provide adequate protection with a five-way pad segmentation that protects the femur, lower leg bone and patella which makes them a preferred choice to most players. Asics are also highly demanded for early starters and new beginners.