Mizuno and Asics Volleyball Shoes - Best Official Athletic Apparel

Volleyball shoes differ from all other sport shoes with one particular structure- the rubber sole. It enables a higher traction than the myriads of shoes worn for track events and is designed in a manner that will allow fast movements in any direction. Volley ball shoes are also padded on the front providing a shock absorbing mechanism that prevents wear and tear. The final product is a long lasting shoe that serves its purpose.

What brands of volleyball shoes are great for players?

The Mizuno and Asics brands are the most popular. The Mizuno brands are smaller in overall size but are manufactured with more leather making them durable while the Asics types have a larger inner mesh that absorbs sweat and keeps the foot dry.

What is the most desired volley ball shoe?

Many volley ball players love the gel rocket Asics brand. It comes in different colors and satisfies all the basic requirements needed in a shoe at a good price. It is a favorite of many high school teens and professional players.

Factors that influence the cost of volleyball shoes

Shoes that are made with expensive materials and high-tech methods of production process cost more on the market. The time and effort put into every kind of shoe to make sure it is consumer friendly and a great success also adds to its cost. Popular brands use advanced technology to make sophisticated footwear. Mizuno tornado five shoes are in the highest price range and the Asics have affordable shoes like the gel rocket in the lowest price range volleyball players. When purchasing shoes it is advisable to contact the store for special needs before buying a product. They will be able to give helpful information.

What is the weight of volleyball shoes?

The weight of a shoe depends on the material it's made of. Some models are lighter and others heavier, it depends on the purpose for which the shoe was made. The weight of a shoe is always specified in the product description section along with its size. Generally, the highest weight for women is 11 ounces and the lowest is about 9 ounces and It is mainly from 11.2 ounces to 15 ounces for men.

Ankle support

Volley ball shoes are mainly built in a low top fashion. However if there is a need for more padding around the ankle, you can purchase ankle stabilizers from most stores. They are also called ankle braces and some of them are antimicrobial so you don't have to worry about odor emancipating from your shoe during a game. Most of them are lightweight and you can order the active adjustable ankle support for flexibility at $25.95.


For a cost effective budget, customers can ask if there are price reductions on shoes bought on wholesale. Sometimes, price breaks are available for the sale of volley ball shoes at certain increments. The price range of Mizuno volley ball shoes are from $39.99 - $120 and $35 -$90 for Asics. Cool prices can be found on websites like Nextag and Amazon.