Best volleyball shoes

A good volleyball shoe is one that has good traction, is properly ventilated, highly durable and beautifully constructed to meet the taste of the wearer. Luckily, many manufacturers have been able to meet up to this standard and are doing well in this age and time. There are shoes with leather and mesh covers, shock absorbing mid-soles and sweat absorbing inner covers at affordable prices. As with all other sports, volleyball equipment and apparels are improved on annually and designed for better game performance. Now that there are many products in the market, a player's challenge is picking out the best of them all.

The best volleyball shoes

So far the best volleyball shoes are the Mizuno and Asics. They have been around for quite a while now and almost all players will agree that they are the best products that satisfy customer's wishes. The Mizuno shoes come in with durability and style while the Asics come in with affordability and proper ventilation. Topping the most expensive list is the Mizuno tornado five and wave lightning volleyball shoes, reason being that they have been greatly improved for higher performance. In just one pair of shoe, a customer should expect to find durable enhanced outer sole for higher traction, fore front instability combating grooves strategically placed to retain their structure after heavy impacts, suspension systems that connects the wave plate to the floor enhancing stability, triple- layered mesh for proper ventilation and a lot of other cool stuffs that makes the shoe more comfortable to wear lasting longer than an average volleyball shoe.

Selecting the best volley ball shoes

  • Shoe size: you must know your exact shoe size before purchasing a volleyball shoe. It is not wise to buy shoes a little bit bigger or smaller than the actual size. When a shoe is tighter in proportion, the athlete suffers a lot of pain and inconvenience during a game while a bigger shoe will bruise the athlete when certain moves are taken.
  • Also carry along all extra footwear items like stockings and ankle braces with you to the store. Make sure you put them on before trying out the shoe. This will prevent you from purchasing something that may seem like a perfect fit and after taking on other equipment, will become tighter than usual on the feet. Since most volleyball shoes are low top, most players will need immediately or later on - ankle braces for protection due to the demands of the game.
  • Try out volleyball movements and actions on the shoe. The shoe should give the same feeling of comfort and lightness for all trials. Change the shoe if there appears to be a sign of discomfort or extra space in any of the moves.
  • Just in case the shoe doesn't fit on the court, make enquiries from the store assistants if it will be possible for you to return the shoe and ask for the maximum time you can return it. This will be a great money saver assuming you bought the wrong shoe.