Volleyball spandex shorts

Spandex is made from chemical compounds that give it a unique characteristic of being more durable than rubber with a very high elasticity. Volleyball Spandex shorts are made with only a small composition of about ten to twelve percent of spandex mixed with other materials like polyester and cotton. The trait that sets spandex aside is its ability to stretch to a high degree - expanding the short to more than three times its actual size. This also makes it a profitable venture for manufacturers because there is no need to purchase more fabric to sow larger clothing; a small percentage of spandex in a clothing material will give room for maximum expansion. It gives a soft feeling to the skin and people around the world do agree that the spandex shorts are the best for volleyball. It is commonly worn by sports women.

Benefits of volleyball spandex shorts

Volleyball spandex shorts are the most comfortable attire used for play. Spandex erases any feeling of heaviness because it holds tightly, fleshy portions of the skin that move during tosses and leaps. The material by itself is also very light and athletes can play on and on without noticing its presence because it places an insignificant weight on the wearer unlike other free-moving shorts. Athletes will also notice an improved performance when taking out actions like jumping repeatedly because wearing spandex shorts helps to keep a muscle in place channeling its movement towards a desired action. It also prevents the damage of tissue in the muscles and in case there is any damage at all, the time taken for the muscles to repair themselves when an athlete isn't wearing any spandex material will be shortened when a spandex short is actually worn. After a long workout or training session, there is a tendency for muscles to become very sore and tired making athletes very prone to injuries. However, the compressive property of the material lowers the rate of muscle soreness eventually reducing the risk of getting injuries and sprains. In addition, athletes who have to go on long plane flights and maintain a constant siting position for hours do not have to worry about medical complications of deep vein obstructions because the material acts like a compression stocking- it reduces vibration and keeps all wrapped parts of the body in place. Also, the high moisture absorbing property of spandex shorts keeps players cool and dry.

Volleyball spandex shorts fashion

Spandex shorts are fashionable and are available in different colors sizes from small to extra-large. There are symbol, flower, leopard print and polka dotted spandex shorts made by the Gem Sports Company which can be worn during practice or any non- uniform play and there are one or two color shorts from Asics, Mizuno, Adidas and other manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk and personalized as team uniforms or taken simply for personal use. A modern adjustment to the shorts is the replacement of high rise with low cuts, the availability of different inseam sizes and the addition of antimicrobial properties to the fabric. Since no one would play volleyball wearing shorts alone, they should be adorned with other complimentary items like jerseys, knee length socks, Knee pads, shoes and ankle braces. The entire apparel is necessary for adequate protection during a game.