Vreader is one of the hottest must have toys for children. It takes that the idea of the Kindle and moves it into a fun and interacted toy for children. The Vreader has different Vreader games that you can get your children to enjoy. Vtech has designed this digital book for children from 3 to 7 years of age. The nice thing is that all you child has to do to is change the cartridge to get a new story and hours of learning fun.


This leads us to the question of which Vreader games you should get with your child's game system. There is a whole library worth of reading material. More and more titles are being released all the time. The Vreader games are based around some of the most popular cartoon characters that your children love. This makes it easy to get your children hooked on reading. Here are some of the best Vreader Games that you can currently buy.


Dora The Explorer


There are a few Vreader games that include Dora the Explorer. This cartridge takes one of the beloved children's' tales and works it into an animated story. Dora and Boots start out by reading The Three Little Pigs. But soon, they are headed to Fairytale land to help the Piggies to build with bricks and protect themselves from the Big Bad Wolf. Your little reader will have so much fun with this story that they will not even realize that they are learning.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a favorite TV show on the Disney Channel. The Vreader game takes one of the episodes of this show and turns it into a story and some great learning games. The two characters that your child will be able to listen to are Mickey Mouse and Donald. The story follows them as they play a game of hide and seek. Donald has what he thinks is the best hiding spot ever. Your child will need to help Mickey to find Donald.


Scooby Doo


The classics never seem to go out of style when it comes to Vreader games. Scooby Doo has been solving mysteries for many years now. However, the story lines never seem to get old. In this story Shaggy and Scooby need to help solve another mystery to save the day. The story starts in the Egyptian wing of a museum. A mummy has come to life and is wreaking some chaos. Can the mystery be solved? Your child will have the chance to help and find out in this Vreader game.


Even More Vreader Games


This is just a small selection of the great Vreader games that are available for purchase. Every month it seems that Vtech releases a few more titles to this collection. You can find some great titles that include Disney movie Cars, the Disney Princesses, and Tinker Bell. It is not all Disney related when it comes to the cartridges. There are ones about Shrek and Marvel Action Heroes just to name a few. It is a good idea to get your child a couple of great games to get them excited about their Vreader. It will transform your child into a reader for life.