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Are you in the market of a washer and dryer set? Are you tired of going to the Laundromat all the time or perhaps you are just looking for a replacement for an old set that you have at home? We went to and took a look at three of their washer/dryer sets. The following prices are subject to change, but will give you a ballpark range.

LG 3.6 Cf Front Load Washer Dryer Combo - Best Washer and Dryer Sets on SaleCredit:

LG 3.6 Cf Front Load Washer Dryer Combo: $1589.99

This 27 inch washer and dryer combo is front-loading with a 3.6 cubic feet capacity. The machine has nine washing cycles and six drying cycles to choose from. The Direct Drive Motor comes with a 10 year warranty and provides the power for the ventless condenser dryer. The TrueBalance Anti Vibration System and LoDecibel Quiet Operation makes it so that this machine runs quietly and smoothly without any movement. On top of all this, the machine was designed to be highly efficient in both energy and water usage. Customers on the Amazon site have given this machine mixed reviews. Sixteen customers awarded it with a five-star review while fourteen awarded it with one star. The average review given by the 42 people that reviewed the product was 3.1 out of 5 stars. The biggest complaint is how long it takes to dry. LG admits that it could take up to six hours!

Summit Appliance AWD129 Front Loading 24-Inch Washer And Dryer Combo - Best Cheap Washer and Dryer SetsCredit:

Summit Appliance AWD129 Front Loading 24-Inch Washer And Dryer Combo : $1084.51

This washer and dryer set has a platinum finish and is 24 inches by 33.5 inches, making it the perfect fit for tight spaces. It runs quietly and you can program it in a variety of settings including various temperatures and nine different wash settings. You can set a delay timer for up to 12 hours or set the machine for stain removal and extra rinse. You also have the option to pre-wash clothes and even control the speed.

Haier 13-Pound Combo Washer Dryer - Best Washer and Dryer ReviewsCredit:

Haier 13-Pound Combo Washer Dryer: $931.45

This washer/dryer set has a three-phase induction driver that saves energy and water. The rinse cycle does a thorough job and the large LCD display makes it easy to see where the machine is in its cycle. There are three drying programs that you can choose from. That said, we do not recommend this product. When it works, it is wonderful. The problem is that it doesn’t last long and many people have complained that Haier won’t replace the machine and the repair does not fix the problem. Customers tend to agree on this. On the Amazon site, eight customers reviewed this product with an average star rating of 2.8 out of 5. Four customers gave it a 4-star rating and three gave it a 1-star rating. Common complaints include that it takes a long time to dry.


Our recommendation for the best washer and dryer set would be the LG 3.6 Cf Front Load Washer Dryer Combo and the Summit Appliance AWD129 Front Loading 24-Inch Washer And Dryer.