If enjoy the comfort of a waterbed, then you also know that just putting your sheets on top of the mattress is not enough. Even though many of these come with a polyester/cotton cover, you still should consider getting a waterbed mattress pad or cover to protect you from the vinyl.

A good durable cover will give your bed another layer of protection and another layer of comfort for you. When purchasing a pad, you will want to make sure it has some padding, for extra thickness and insulating comfort for you.

The bed is created out of resilient materials that protect it, but these are not comfortable to sleep on. So, here are a some of the best pads that have had good reviews, that you should consider. Treat yourself to the right bedding, and get the benefits you are looking for and a good nights sleep.

Beauty Rest - There are many great reviews. These covers, with their 300 thread count (close weaved cotton) is made from high quality great Egyptian cotton.

 This bed pad is made in the USA, is totally machine washable and it has a polyester fiber filling to give you that extra cushion between you and the surface.

It has great gripping corners, that can accommodate mattresses up to 15 inches thick. This way the pad stays on the bed, and you are not tangled up in it the next morning!

Once you have put this cover on your bed, you then top it with your sheets, and bedding, and now you are ready for a cozy night.

Pima Cotton by Croscill 500 Thread Count - Now this would make a luxurious cover, it has 500 thread count and approximately 12 ounces of fiber filling (polyester) which will add protection to your mattress, but also insulate you from it too.

 These high thread count covers, will cost you a bit more, but when it comes to the layers between you and the surface of the waterbed, having the extra thread count and the fiber filling will be worth the extra cost, plus they will last much longer than typical lower thread count covers.

You can get other brands of mattress covers and even organic mattress covers, that are less expensive, but if you have chosen to have a waterbed, you are also going to want and need that thicker layer between you and the mattress surface. Depending on the type of waterbed you have of course.



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look for comfort.

But consider thread count when purchasing a pad and your bedding. These are likely to last longer and are more durable. Yes the price is higher, but you will enjoy the comfort of your waterbed, if you have the right bedding on it. Make sure you find covers that will fit the thickness of your mattress so that it does not pop off in the night like many do.

You can purchase these and even the organic pads online at such sites as Amazon, or you can check local bedding stores that cater to waterbeds and also organic bedding to get the best night sleep you can.

You can also purchase covers for regular beds that would also fit the waterbed, you just need to make sure and find a cover that will be as thick as your mattress and fit the corners well. So, it doesn't hurt to compare prices and materials.

If you shop online, then you should take the time to read the product reviews by customers who have used this product. This will help you decide if this is right for you.

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