Many people have discovered and are enjoying the effectiveness of NeriumAD Night Cream. NeriumAD Night Cream is an anti-aging skin treatment that is safe and clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, and improve skin texture.  Priced at about $125 (inclusive of shipping;$95 at preferred rates), the skin treatment is less complicated and less expensive than other retail products that claim similar age-defying results. But despite its proven efficacy, this treatment is still not cheap. So, you want to be sure that the treatment goes where it will have the most effect. In this article, I share the best way to apply NeriumAD Night Cream efficiently and discuss some of the results you can expect.


1. At bedtime, cleanse your face as you normally do with a gentle facial cleanser.  

2.  Ensure that your face is damp but not dripping.  

3.  Press the pump on the bottle all the way down to get one full pump. To avoid wasting this product, pump on a finger tip or on the back of your hand. 

4.  Apply NeriumAD Night Cream on one side of your face from your forehead, nose, cheek, and chin areas.  I like to dot my face and then smooth the cream with my finger tip.

5.  Take another full pump and apply NeriumAD Night Cream on the other half of your face. 

6.  Take a third pump and address your problem areas.  For example, my problem areas include fine lines around my eyes (crow’s feet), age spots on my cheek, large pores around my T-zone area, and wrinkles on my forehead.

7.  Take a fourth pump and use your fingertips to apply NeriumAD Night Cream to your neck and décolletage area, or go over your problem areas. 

8. In the morning, lightly wet your face and neck area with water to reactivate the cream.  (I have found that it is not necessary to rinse the product off. Let your face dry, and then apply your sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup as usual.)

9. Repeat nightly at bedtime.


• For best results, use four full pumps of Nerium AD. The promising results from the clinical trials are based on the use of four full pumps.

• If the treatment doesn't easily go on to your skin, your face is not damp enough. Spray or dampen your face with water.  Alternatively, wet your fingertips and continue smoothing the cream.  

• Smooth any excess of the NeriumAD Night Cream on the back of your hands/arms. (Don’t waste the cream!)

• Take a photo of your face -- your “before” picture -- to use as a comparison.

• Apply NeriumAD Night Cream externally only; avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Expected Results

A minute or so after applying NeriumAD Night Cream to your face, you will begin to feel a tightening of your skin.  Do not confuse this tightenting with your skin "drying out." The skin readily absorbs the treatment, so you will not feel greasy. 

Nerium AD Night Cream helps to rejuventate your skin, and the time it takes you to see visible results will vary as everyone’s skin is different. Your results depend on your skin type and purpose for applying NeriumAD Night Cream. However, it has been my experience that this product works within a few days when four pumps of Nerium AD are used nightly. Some people see visible results in as little as a week and say that it feels like a face lift without the surgery.


Use the instructions above for the best way to quickly apply NeriumAD Night Cream to your face.  In just a single step, you will join the many people who enjoy the convenience and, most importantly, beautiful skin.  NeriumAD Night Cream is a great facial skin care product for adults of all ages.  

To see before and after photos, or to order, visit the website in my signature box.

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