If you purchase Warhammer online using a free email address, your purchase will be delayed because the email account will have to be verified. All the free email accounts of people who wish to purchase the game first have to be verified before the people are allowed to have Warhammer.

When you buy Warhammer online, you enter the world of hundreds and thousands of fierce and mighty warriors in a world where the armies belong to the Order (who include Dwarfs, the Empire and the high Elves) and the Destruction (comprised of green Skins, Chaos and the dark Elves).

This is a world where collision determines what fate the nations in this world would end up in. When you purchase the game, you are taken into a world of invaded enemy lands, and besieging of imposing fortresses for your own glory.

In addition, you are taken to a magic that reeks of devastation plus deadly weapons as you battle monstrous creatures. At this point, it is important time to join your brothers at arms for an epic quest as you climb fortress stairs wielding your guild banner all the way to the battle.

You will also enjoy the thrill of unlocking the secrets contained in the Tome of all Knowledge as you travel the whole world. It is time to sharpen your blade and prepare to unleash your inner mutation.

From the start of the Age of Reckoning, there is no need to explain that war takes place everywhere. You will have to pay a monthly fee in order to access Warhammer.

In fact, the fee that you pay for the first month does include the purchase cost of a whole package. You also have to provide a valid credit card in order to play.

In Warhammer, you fight as part of a unit of an army which has been sworn for the defense of the homeland as you continue on the journey of conquering enemy realms. Your action is wholly complete and each quest contributes to every kind of battle that has been fought thus making it possible to turn the tide of war and therefore bring credible victory to the cradle of your territory.

You can find the complete version of Warhammer online where you will have to purchase in order to download. You can decide to download only the specific stages that you want to play instead of all the stages.

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