It used to be, when I needed to clean windows (which is my all time least favourite chore!) I would simply spray window cleaner then take a cloth and wipe.  It would look OK, and I would think, wow, these are shiny after lots of circular polishing with paper towels or the newspapers that my mum swore by, then the afternoon sun shone through!

They actually looked worse than before I touched them.  Now I involved the entire family as I would get them to point while I would go outside and try and deal with the streaks that seemed to magically move around the glass. 

Now I know why my mother would keep sheers on the window all the time!

But after doing a bit of research on my own personal journey to clean my windows and not just close the curtains, especially the big living room one, I found a simple formula that works and makes quick work.  There are three steps to this process but they are quick.  Wash, Rinse, squeegee!

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There was a small investment in a window squeegee.  You can get these online or the dollar store.  You don’t need those monster ones the pro’s use, but just a nice sized hand held one.

I also got rid of the nasty chemical spray bottle of commercial cleaner, and opted for a homemade option

This formula took “sticky” off my window and especially the dust.

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This is What You Will Need

2 x Buckets or large container (one for rinse water, and one for cleaning)

1 x squeegee

2 x old clean cloth or sponge (one for the rinse water and one for cleaning)

¼ cup of white vinegar

2 x cups of warm water

½ teaspoon dish soap

Clean water for rinsing


1.  Mix the vinegar and warm water and dish soap into one bucket; you can double this formula if you have many windows.  This can be used inside or outside and there is no spraying involved.

2.  Take your sponge or cloth and dip into the bucket and liberally wash windows, getting them good and wet, but only do a section of window at a time if it is large, so that it doesn’t dry out.  Then rinse with the clean water bucket. 

3.  Take the squeegee and starting at the top of window with firm pressure squeegee to the window sill.  Quickly wipe any excess off the squeegee then do the next row. 

Then repeat the steps.

This process not only cleans windows to a sparkling shine, it gets rid of streaks!  The vinegar and soap in the warm water cut through dirt and dust and because there is some soap you do need to do the rinsing step, but this makes all the difference. 

If the window is not large you can simply wash it and rinse it quickly and then squeegee and you are done before you know it.  There is no need to have rolls of paper towels or newspapers sitting around to keep polishing windows to get rid of streaks that only show up later with the sun streaming in.

This makes quick work of those windows, inside and out.  My dog loves to sit on the couch and watch out the window and of course her nose is glued to the glass, plus the dust and dirt that seemed to be attracted to the outside of the glass made for a pretty dirty combination, so give this method a try. 

HINT:  Try to wait for a dull day or when the shade is on the glass so that it will not dry out so fast while you are cleaning.

Your windows will be happy!