Is it possible to get fuller lips without surgery? The question you should be asking is do the non-surgical limp-plumping techniques really work?

Last year, approximately 265,000 people underwent surgery to get fuller lips. The biggest advantage with having fuller lips is you create a more youthful, vibrant look. Typically this is done with injections and/or by using grafts.

When using injections the doctor will use little needles and the lip is injected with a pliable substance which is mostly collagen, to form a fuller and more luscious appearance.

Sometimes purified collagen can cause an allergic response in some women. Before having collagen injections you should have testing for sensitivity done previous to the process. Since your body will reabsorb collagen over time the results will start to diminish over two months.

Another type of process that is used is by using fat tissue from other parts of your body like your abdomen and thighs and then injecting it into the lips. The benefit of this process vs using collagen is that you won't get an allergic reaction since the fat cells are from your own body. You need to remember the results, just like collagen, are non permanent.

The more aggressive methods for getting fuller lips is by using grafts. Grafts is usually painful and the recovery period is generally far longer than injections. You also run the danger of scar tissue, lip stiffness, and drooling. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

The bottom line is if you would like to get fuller lips without surgery, the results are going to be temporary. If you're contemplating surgery, just remember that the complications can be a serious problem.
Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery
There are some non-surgical products out there which you may want to look at. Now the one that looks most promising is one that uses hyaluronic acid to absorb moisture into the lips that may cause the lips to swell up some and give you those attractive, luscious lips.

Lip Factor Plus is one such product. Essentially, it works is the product uses hyaluronic acid microspheres that are absorbed into the lips. Once absorbed the lips will start to retain the natural moisture allowing the lips to swell and will help you to get fuller lips.

Recently there has been a lot of marketing hype about hyaluronic acid all over the news and talk shows. Keep in mind, it is not a miracle cure but it can be a less invasive and cheaper method with just as good of results to injections.

Again, like the collagen and the fat injections, the results are short lived. But the cost is much cheaper and you don't have to fret about injections or allergic reactions not to mention all the nasty complications from using grafts.

If you are considering anything as extreme as grafting, you should really try and use a product to get fuller lips without surgery first. The long term effects could be extraordinarily bad if anything was to go wrong.

Click here to Try Lip Factor Plus. Last I checked they had a free trial going.