There is a few times that a dogs diet will need to change and you will have to switch dog food. When they are a puppy and are going from nursing to puppy food. Then when the puppy is a grown adult you will switch to adult food, then in the last 3 years of a dogs life span, you will want to switch them to a senior diet dog food.

When you are switching dog food, there is a method that should be followed so your dog will not have any digestive problems to deal with. Kind of like when you are adding new foods to a baby, you start with the cereal, then start adding vegetables, one at a time.

Before you begin changing your dogs diet, consult your veterinarian and go over all your options and review what other nutritional needs your dog may have. It is not wise to just stop cold turkey from one food and start him right on something else. By doing this, you dog will have a very upset stomach and be miserable.

Also, please, please, choose a food of high quality. Read the food label and make sure the first ingredient is a meat, and that it is listed alone.

It should say "chicken, or just "beef", or maybe "lamb". If it says chicken flavor, or chicken dinner, or maybe chicken nuggets, DO NOT BUY IT! There are regulations that have been made in the food labels.

If there is 95% meat, then the meat needs to be listed alone, if it has another word paired with it, then it only contains as little as 25%. The rest is by-products (which means gross parts of the animal) and fillers. Just wanted to give you that "nugget" of information.

Ok, lets now get to the process of switching. This is going to take you several days, you may want to keep notes of what you are doing and how he is reacting to the change of this new diet dog food. If he is having a lot of stomach upset, you are going to slow down the pace.

Start by slowly reducing the amount of the current food and slowly increase the new food, this can typically be done over a two-week period.

If you will switch dog food over 2 weeks, by the end of the first week, the portions should be half and half. Then do your portions with the new food increasing every day. You need to remember that this is done with 2 feedings a day.

Once your diet dog food is all switched, and you see that it is working well for him, try not to make anymore changes. If it is working, stick with it.

Give the new diet several weeks, maybe a few months to determine if it is working or not. If you want to add anything else, talk to your vet and ask him about supplements that your dog may need.

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