Many first time tourists find that the easiest way to travel is by a guided tour bus. These guided tours are also perceived as much safer as many first time tourists can be a little bit on edge about potential problems. Taking a tourist bus in Vietnam filled with other foreign tourists is a good way to visit Vietnam. I am not knocking it or criticizing it because many people do not ever leave the City.

There are a lot of ways you can see Vietnam. One of the ways that some people love to tour Vietnam is by bicycle. Bicycle touring is extremely popular in Vietnam. The bicycle is very common over in Vietnam and you will feel right at home with the locals. In order to tour by bicycle you should have a passion for cycling as well as some experience. If you are fat, lazy, and have not ridden a bicycle in over 20 years then a dedicated icicle tour of Vietnam is probably out of the question; however you can still ride bicycles.

You can rent bicycles for very little money. You can even buy bicycles for much less than a similar bike would costs back in the States. Riding in Ho-Chi-Minh City and other large urban areas can be slightly dangerous, but it is a lot of fun. One of the best things to do is find tourist areas with very little automobile traffic and then ride these neighborhoods until you build up your confidence to ride elsewhere in Ho Chi Minh City or whatever City you may be in.

The illustrious wonders of Vietnam come into play when you are cycling outside of Ho Chi Minh City in a rural area. These areas will have you feeling like you “stepped back in time”. When you ride by a small area you may even get children on their bikes chasing after you and riding with you until you get very far out and then they will turn back. Riding a bicycle is by far the best way to travel in the sparsely populated regions outside of the larger cities because you will be able to develop relationships and friendships with locals that you never would have been able to do with a guided Vietnam bus tour.

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