The best way to whiten teeth fast is a trick many people would like to learn. A bright and sparkling (not to forget shiny) smile is something everybody desires. The teeth whitening industry is a busy industry as people are spending more and more money just to have that clear smile. The best treatments are used and the most ridiculous procedures are undergone. But what is the best way to whiten teeth?

Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening is most of the time just an effective procedure to lighten the color of your teeth, without taking any surface from your teeth. To be precise, your complete set of teeth is not whitened, only the color is lightened!

Most of the times our teeth are stained (on the outer part at least) because of how we use our teeth. Tee, coffee and even red wine will create yellow teeth. Another big one is smoking of course as a cause of the yellow teeth. With small cracks in your teeth the discoloration can also happen underneath the surface.

There are two major ways to make your smile more bright.


The first one is simply bleaching your teeth. This is a way to whiten teeth at home cheap, but also something which can be done at the dentist. How this is done? Well, how do you bleach your hair? Does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth as well? Yes it does!

Your dentist is the person who will advice you whether this is the best treatment for you. After that, he will place a gel or rubber on your gums to shield them. Then he will apply the whitening product and a special try will make sure the product is applied correctly.

The active ingredients are, as mentioned above, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These break down and the oxygen will enter the enamel of your teeth and make the color lighter.

After around three to four weeks you should definitely see a difference. This will take around three visits to the dentist. The first visit will consist out of making a mouth guard and impressions of your mouth (for the tray later). The second visit will probably consist out of instructions and the rest of the teeth whitening will happen at home. The product will be applied regularly for four weeks, at least 30 minutes at a time.

Laser Therapy

Another way to gain a whiter smile is called power whitening, with a laser. This is way more expensive than the bleaching method, but it is considered as the best method.

To shield your gums there will be a dam placed and the whitening product will be applied on your teeth. After that a laser will stimulate the effect of the chemical and the color change will be faster. According to dentists this is the best way to whiten teeth as well, it can make your teeth around six shades lighter. And all of this happens within an hour.

A downfall of laser therapy is not everybody is suitable for it. Your teeth should be checked before hand, to make sure you are fit for it.

When this method is used your teeth should be white for up to three years. Of course, this is with the advice to stop smoking and prevent eating products which will stain your teeth again.

These two methods are the most common available and the most known. There is a difference in quality, but also definitely in price! So I leave it up to you which is the best way to whiten teeth.