You living room window is the centerpiece of the living room. If you are looking for the best ways to decorate it then you have an unlimited number of choices. You can have cloth or fabric material as curtains. If you like something that is cleanable and simple then you might want to get blinds. Maybe you are interested in something with a little of both, which means you might like to have vertical blinds made from cloth. There are many ideas and a variety or different selections of window dressings to look at. You shouldn't have trouble finding them the only complication you might run in to is making your decision.

Your choices of linen would be beautiful curtains that come in styles like tab top or drapes. Every room is treated differently so base your decision on the style of the room. Some beautiful fabrics used to make curtains are lace, velvet, cotton, polyester and even silk. Matching up lace and velvet is extremely elegant an very classy. You can use this combination for any room in the house even if your home is modern style. Some materials used can help insulate a room especially if it is thick and heavy.

The living room could use silk curtains in the summer when you don't need too much protection from cold weather. Silk is very light and very soft. This natural material is used in the living room when you want to make a room elegant. What can be fancier than silk? Faux silk curtains can be used along with blinds underneath to help with privacy.

Window blinds can be very bland if you choose the most basic type. The living room deserves a little more than the basic. Think about vertical blinds if you are really interested because these hang from the top of the window to the floor and sometimes to the bottom window sill. Vertical blinds are more fashionable then plain venetian blinds and are found in many types of material and color.

It always helps if you have a good friend or relative to help you make the final choice. Someone with a clear mind would make a better judgment then someone who has been looking at several different curtains for days. This friend can help you choose between vertical blinds, curtains and drapes. You can also get help deciding on the colors and pattern. Just remember to pay more attention to your living room windows than the rest of the windows in your home.