When starting to a business on eBay, one of the first questions that many new sellers ask is:

"What can I sell to build up my feedback?"  

Believe it or not, the answer is probably right under their nose.  Have a good old rummage around the house, the garage, and attic, the garden and the shed.  Which items are just gathering dust that you and the family no longer use or need?  Have you any old records, cd’s, dvd’s, toys, games, or shoes worn a few times?  Maybe you have some clothes that no longer fit, your old cameras, gardening tools that aren’t being used in the shed?  Postcards, badges and jewellery, sports equipment, baby equipment, baby and children’s clothes that they have outgrown?

And the list goes on.

All these items can be sold on eBay.  Just because you might no longer think they are of any use, to a buyer there’s a bargain to be had.  These items will get your feedback moving in no time at all.


eBay is a household name across the world.

Whilst building up feedback with this treasure trove you have suddenly found you are also making some very easy money from eBay.  These are items you may have otherwise thrown out.  Lucky for you, your bank manager will be smiling due to the fact your filling up your bank account with money made from eBay.  

And best of all it has cost you nothing apart from a bit of hard work going through cupboards, attics, garages and the outside shed.  Don’t be put off by selling large items like furniture, televisions, computers, and exercise equipment.  Local buyers will happily collect from you.  This then saves you the trouble of posting and packaging.  

This is perhaps the easiest way of getting you feedback with no capital outlay.  When you have exhausted your entire house see if any of your family wants their house spring cleaning for free or for a 50/50 split.

Make sure that when you do sell do your research on how much similar items are selling for, ensuring that you get the best possible prices. 

So what are you waiting for?

Have a look around your house today, and start building feedback and start putting some extra money in your pockets.