If you have just bought yourself a new electric treadmill and got rid of the manual one, or are new to treadmills, you might need some help in using them. Unlike walking or running outdoors you will need to know how to use your running machine and what to do to get the most benefit out from it.

When it comes to walking on an electric treadmill you should first try to set it to a speed that is comfortable. To do so you must first power the machine up by using the power button. At this point the treadmill belt will most likely not start to move yet, but you will need to either select a program, or go with quick start, which basically just makes the belt move and does not set any specific program for the run. When you are going to walk on the treadmill, it is a good idea to first step on the belt and then start it at the slowest speed. This way you are able to set the speed to a comfortable pace at which you are able to walk without having to run or jog.

If you bought the electric treadmill for running purposes, then you should start the running in similar manner that you started to use the machine while walking. This time you can start to use the pre set programs to make it a little more challenging. First you should find out from the manual of the machine, what the programs are designed for. Usually there are interval programs and some that are designed to simulate you climbing up a hill. If your treadmill has two engines it is able to chance the incline and make it seem like you are running uphill. This way you can have a constant uphill like you would be running up a very long hill.

It is a good idea to use all the pre set options that are in your electric treadmill. This way you will be able to find out which ones you like and which you don't like. Usually it is a good idea to just use the programs that you dislike since they are normally the ones that you think are the hardest. That way you will get the best results no matter what are your goals for running on electric treadmill. Experimenting and working out will usually be enough to help you find the best workouts for you.