Educating our children is one of the most important things in the world to any parent. It is also vital to our country’s future. This means we hope every day they spend at school they gain valuable knowledge to enable them to live in this world as productive and healthy members society.  We also have the hope they take what they have learned and apply it to make a better world for future generations.

In order to assure this takes place we need to have great schools. These are five secrets to fix bad schools and the key to make better. We want American students to graduate and fulfill the dreams we have for a better outlook for our country .

  1)    Lots of our public and private educational institutions are in need of physical repair to the buildings. Students must receive a first-rate education in a setting conducive to learning. Updating the brick and mortar buildings where they gain knowledge is important.

Many of the public schools in most cities are 100 years old or more. When we replace these with more modern structures, we are on our way to see higher academic scores and more material absorbed by students.

Scores of these structures contain asbestos and other substances which have since been outlawed in building materials. There are inadequate heating and cooling equipment. Imagine not being warm during cold winter months and hot during warm summer months. Every one of these buildings will have the minimum of central heating and cooling. Replacing these old and wore out institutions with more up to date and contemporary constructions is a must.

Build better structures with things like WiFi and white boards instead of black boards along with new desks and chairs. Introduce video and audio technology to make soaking up more knowledge easier and less stressful. Presenting new tech savvy instruments to this generation that is more familiar with it means we are looking to what is in store for our country with a positive viewpoint. Fostering minds more equipped to compete and win at a world level will put all of us ahead of the game.

 2)    Charter schools are not a solution to everything wrong with our system of educating kids. Though, they do offer a solution for a lot of situations. Parents being able to choose between sending their children to Charter schools or not deserves discussion. This route for learning will need the support of public dollars to some extent, but working out these details will take some time.

Teachers, parents and politicians need to form an alliance at both the state and federal levels to help make the details clearer of how to pay for public education at a private Charter school. If public monies are available for these schools, we need to work together to figure out a way to make it happen. Additionally, the particulars of where and how you apply the money for the process will need legislation to make it work smoothly.

  3)    Restructure the school day to spend more time on things like physical education, music and art. Although these seem like a waste of resources that could be dollars spent on things such as math and reading they are not. In fact, encouraging students to expand their awareness in these cultural curriculum choices is wonderful.

The next Mozart or Michael Angelo could be waiting in the wings. These are just as important to our expectations for the future as encouraging mathematicians and engineers. As our schoolchildren grow up with days dedicating less time to these pursuits, their test scores in other areas of education are continually falling. There is some correlation between less physical education, music and art and lower test scores. Therefore, increasing participation in these areas should work to increase scoring with tests.

 4)    Physical education is important for a number of reasons and sees the best benefits when we assign it daily. Kids in better health excel in learning. Additionally, breaks from the academic side of the school day are conducive to improving their educational environment. More oxygen to the body means more to the brain which is great for absorbing more information and material. These same children will live longer and healthier lives because of it.

 5)    Parents more involved in schools will give advantages to their kids like never before.  Provide mom and dad with more opportunities to verify where their child is at for the educational curve for their specific age group. Parent teacher conferences every 2 months and a grading system based on A, B, C, D, and F implemented is terrific. This was a clear-cut way to show whether a student is passing, failing or excelling in their grade level.

If parents are more involved in what their children are learning and how they are learning they will help to compel a child to take part more. Mom and Dad will enforce homework and learning opportunities at home as well as positively enforce participation at school for kids.

 Additionally, review how PTA performs and works. We need to rate and update the PTA group setting for the 21st century and get more parents to take part. Deliver more resources for volunteer work, after school activities, sporting coaches and other methods where they can come into the school more often than once or twice a year and see what their kids are doing every day.

 In conclusion

These five secrets to fixing bad schools are a wonderful way to steer our kids in the right direction. They will offer a number of children the resources they need to excel in the education surrounding instead of fail.

Make the conditions right in order for them to meet the highest level of learning. Reinventing the atmosphere they receive their learning in will make this happen. This is vital and a key part to successfully making us competitive on a world level playing field.